Village Plumbing & Air is a home service company that has been serving Houston for over 74 years. Both a woman-owned and family-run business, we place a much-needed focus on integrity and honesty with our customers and hold ourselves accountable to improving our Houston community at every opportunity. When you choose Village Plumbing & Air, we treat you like family. Dealing with a clogged drain, leak, or simply looking to upgrade your current equipment? You've come to the right place. We boast over 74 years of experience, and a pool of over 60,000 customers served.

When you schedule service, repair or equipment installation with Village Plumbing & Air we protect your investment with some of the strongest guarantees and warranties in the industry. From equipment, parts and labor to your complete satisfaction we have you covered. We agree to accept responsibility for your complete satisfaction with the materials we use and workmanship we provide. During the first year, if you are dissatisfied with the performance of your equipment, our services or our people, we will make it right.

For over 70 years, Village Plumbing has been clearing out Houston's drain clogs. We use high-tech drain and sewer technology to record what's going on in your drain so we know exactly how to fix it properly from the get-go. Have you ever flushed the toilet and it overflowed causing a major mess? Taken a shower in a half a foot of standing water? Worse yet, have you ever flushed the toilet and what you flushed down the toilet comes up another drain? You're not alone. It happens hundreds of times a day to homeowners all across the Houston area.

Our technicians are licensed and trained to get you the proper system for your home. We ensure the heating and cooling systems we offer are properly sized and calibrated to the size of your home and your families needs. It's not enough just to give you one option, we will work with you to provide a range of possibilities so that you can choose. If you're looking for an energy efficient AC system, you came to the right place. As a Premier Lennox Dealer, we sell a complete line of energy efficient Lennox air conditioners.

If you have multiple drains backing up or water overflow from different plumbing fixtures, you may have a sewer drainage issue. A backup can be due to a clog but this could also indicate a break in the line. If you suspect your sewer line is backing up call us right away. Sewage clogs can happen when you use your toilet or garbage disposal as a waste basket. Throwing too much of anything solid down the pipes (like flushable wipes in the bathroom or food in the kitchen) can clog the sewer system.

If you need more hot water than your current system can handle, it may be time to get a tankless heater. Unlike a traditional heater, a tankless unit shuts down and uses no energy when it's not in use. It's a more efficient system that can meet higher hot water demand and save you up to 40% on your utility bill. Sediment that may have built up over the year can settle at the bottom of your heater. This buildup makes it much more difficult to produce hot water. Flushing your water heater every 6 months to a year can significantly increase the efficiency of your hot water heater.

In fact, if your home is as little as 5 to 10 years old you may be one of the under insulated homes in the country. What's the smart thing to do? Heating and cooling accounts for 50 to 70% of the energy used in the average home. A well insulated home is one of the most cost-effective ways of saving energy and reducing heating and cooling bills. A properly insulated attic can save you 20% or more a year. With significant increases in energy costs, making your home more energy efficient with proper insulation is a great investment that will save you money over the long term.

Since 1946, Village Plumbing has been servicing homes in the Houston area. Our team of licensed plumbers has spent decades fixing plumbing issues in West University - expanding to neighborhoods across the city. If you've found a water leak in your home, addressing it immediately will help you minimize the damage. Give us a call and we'll work to find the issue and get it repaired before it escalates or causes major damage. Got a clogged drain? It can be a challenge to locate where the blockage starts.

Village Plumbing takes pride in being a woman-owned business. Under the leadership of Monica Ryan, the company has expanded across Houston and built a reputation for being the place to go when you want the job done right. With Monica's fierce commitment to integrity, she stands by every technician's work. My dad was a plumber and started Village Plumbing back in 1946. Ever since I can remember I was learning about plumbing from one of the best in the business. After I graduated from a local Prep School, I attended Texas A&M and paid for my own education by training horses and working as a pizza waitress.

Stay on top of routine maintenance with our Village Partner Plan. When you're reactive about caring for your home, plumbing and HVAC issues seem to happen out of nowhere. Be proactive and gain visibility into your home systems by signing up today. The plan is only $99 a year per system! Your HVAC systems need regular maintenance to stay at their peak performance, which is why we offer two complete system checks each year! We even conveniently schedule these for you, taking all the work out of keeping your home in shape.

We support numerous schools and organizations within the community and are always looking for ways to give back even more. Village Plumbing has been a part of the community since it was a bustling bayou town back in 1946. As a local, woman owned, family business, Village Plumbing & Air kindly donates time, money and services to help a wide range of charities, nonprofits, schools and community fund raisers. It is our way of giving back to the communities we serve and the communities our employees live in.

At Village Plumbing & Air, we take great pride in delivering superior customer service and satisfaction on every plumbing, heating and air conditioning service we provide. The annual Inc. 5000 list includes the fastest growing private companies in America and we were included in the list four years in a row: 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019! According to, Inc. 5000 are the superheroes of the U.S. economy. America's fastest-growing private companies wield powers like strategy, service, and innovation.

The average A/C system has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, at which point the cost of repairs necessary to keep it running can outweigh the cost of simply replacing it. Village Plumbing & Air makes this process as easy as possible, walking you through every step of the process. From finding the right system for your home to installation, we've got you covered. Things break, but that doesn't mean they can't always be fixed! Our technicians are experts at diagnosing any issue your A/C may be experiencing, and their trucks stay stocked with necessary parts to help ensure they can make the fix as quickly as possible because sometimes cool air isn't something that can wait!

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