The average home uses more electricity in the morning and evening than during the day when solar energy can be made plentiful with our solutions such as the solar energy solar system. During the day your solar energy storage system could charge with enough power to run a 5-ton air conditioner day and night. Our solar energy system sizes start from 5.2kwh to much larger needs. For customers who just want to obtain our grid-tied solar electric PV systems, simple or advanced solutions are available to you.

Phoenix Energy Products, LLC DBA PEP Solar is a privately owned, Arizona-based company dedicated to providing our customers and neighbors with advanced energy product solutions designed to meet your energy solution requirements. PEP Solar's system solutions not only save you money but also provide a return on your investment while saving and producing energy for your home or business. During your solar system installation, our skilled, certified team verifies and ensures your energy products deliver what you need while saving you money.

Brighten any space with our powerful Solar LED light solutions. We offer a range of photo-electric LED light solutions for different sized lighting needs. Harness the power of the sun to create brilliant light wherever you need it, without worrying about wires. Our lighting solutions are ideal for alleys, sheds, off-grid housing, outdoor lighting, landscape accents and more. Our solar light fixtures are comparable in price to traditional light fixtures. That means the moment that you install these lights you're saving money through reduced utility bills.

Solar panels are a major investment, so why not make them an investment that you'll love? We'll help make your panels function to peak efficiency levels with certified installers while helping you achieve the design appeal that you want as well. The best solar panels available today are useless if installed improperly. Each installation handled by Pep Solar is managed by a team of highly trained professionals. The result is that our work functions right every single time and we'll help you make the most of your quality panels.

Transform the look of your office, living room, or anywhere else in your home with the powerful Solaro Day skylight system. This basic solar light system creates beautiful full-spectrum light in your space, without requiring the large hold of a traditional skylight. The Solaro Day uses a special Opto Semiconductor light that creates rich full-spectrum light that's good for you and any plants in your space. The system is made up of three pieces, the solar skylight, the interconnect cable and the Day Light semiconductor.

As Arizona's Original Solar Panel Installer, you'll appreciate our experience in the solar industry and enjoy working with a partner that is passionate about providing the highest quality product, warranties backed by our longevity, and real proven advanced solutions. Contact Us Today to find out how we can help you Power The Possibilities. We have an American dream for real change by going green and helping to make the world a better place- and it starts with you and your community. Save money, protect our nation, and help our community thrive.

At PEP Solar we work hard to ensure every project is completed with precision. We source our own components, manage the installation teams and use custom solar systems for the best solar electric solutions around. We offer a range of solutions for home and business needs and can help make you more independent, save you money on your energy bills and create more portable power solutions for enhanced flexibility. We have an American dream for real change by going green and helping to make the world a better place- and it starts with you and your community.

Most homeowners and business owners light their spaces for hours a day. With lights being used for longer and longer periods of time, it's important to invest in products that can save money like solar lighting solutions. Our solar lighting packages will help you slash your lighting costs throughout the year while making light accessible even if the power grid goes down. Many of our lighting solutions are available even if the power grid goes down. With our lights, you can enjoy brilliant interior lighting even if the power is shut off to your location.

Sunlight generates a tremendous amount of heat and has the power to warm all the water that your home or business ever needs. When working with Pep solar you can get a hot water heating system to meet a portion of your heating needs. The system uses a large solar collector to heat up water that passes through it, to help maintain constant hot temperatures for home, office or factory environments. Our heating units use the sun's heat directly with black tubing and high surface area materials that generate tremendous levels of heat without relying on solar panels at all.

In today's economy, solar power doesn't just save you money, it also helps the environment while enhancing your businesses' image as well. Customers want to work with environmentally friendly businesses and they're starting to make that desire known. If you're interested in reducing your overall carbon footprint and making your business more affordable at the same time, then PEP solar has solutions that can do both for you. A solar PV system is an investment that pays for itself over time. That's because you'll save off utility bills every single month, and things only get better if utility costs increase, and they're expected to.

Customer centric sales force and experienced installers. Well rounded company.

Had pep solar installed 5 yrs ago and I cannot believe the difference in my bill, I am completely electric and the savings are unbelievable. They did.

Sean at Pep Solar is great! Pep Solar has very knowledgeable design & installation team. They put customers as first priority.maybe that's the.

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