Krasiva translates to Beautiful, a word that best describes the windows and doors we offer and install. Visit our Photo Gallery for Windows or Photo Gallery for Doors to see our before and after photos! If you are looking for replacement windows or doors in Phoenix or anywhere else valley-wide, we've installed windows and doors for thousands of families around the valley since 1997. Call us now for a free estimate* 602-678-3737. The 'Krasiva Panoramic' lines of windows comes standard with the most energy efficient glass.

Krasiva Windows and Doors has been built on a foundation of hard work and excellence. We have become one of the largest window and door replacement companies in the valley. We do not offer products similar to what is found at the big box stores. We offer a variety of unique products, including the most state of the art double pane vinyl windows, french, entry and sliding doors as well as custom selections. Our President, Greg Strickland has been in this industry since 1984. He started in Sales, quickly moved into a Sales Manager role in 1987, worked his way up to Operations manager in 1999, and became President of the company in 2001.

Double-hung windows are great, energy-efficient options for your home and should be installed by a team of professionals. To schedule double-hung window installation in Phoenix, Mesa, or the surrounding areas, contact our team at Krasiva Windows & Doors today! There are a number of advantages that come with choosing double-hung windows for your home. When you're installing new windows in your home, you want to partner with a team of highly trained professionals to make sure the jobs gets done correctly.

We offer new home construction window and door packages for general contractors and new home builders. You must have a valid ROC license in a relevant trade in order to obtain a quote on a window and door package for a new home. Starting from an Inexpensive Vinyl Builder Grade windows all the way up to our Luxury Clad-Wood series, we have a wide variety of window packages available to choose from. For builder grade vinyl windows, we offer our Monte Verde line (available in White, Tan, and Adobe).

Casement windows are windows that open like a door on hinges. These windows always opens out. Some people call them crank windows because the way to open them is by turning the crank handle. Casement windows differ from other configurations in that each casement window frame can only have one piece of glass in it. When you see a casement window with two pieces of glass, there are two separate window frames mulled together to make that window. This usually makes them much more expensive than a single slider.

A window U-Rating represents the rate that conductive heat flows or transfers through a window or door. The lower the number the better. This type of rating applies to windows & doors, even in the shade. The hot or cold air comes in direct contact with the glass and frame and then heats or chills them until that temperature transfers through. The speed in which that temperature transfers through is the U Factor. When you touch the glass in the summer, even in the shade, it is warm. Hot and cold air are attracted to each other.

Sliding patio doors operate by utilizing a track situated along the bottom of the doors. With this door type, the active sliding door panel is meant to open, sliding past the other panel, which is fixed and remains stationary. Sliding patio doors are typically two large panes of double-pane or triple-pane glass set into a frame, allowing for an almost-completely unobstructed view, with lots of natural light entering your home. In order to maintain energy efficiency and security, sliding patio doors frequently incorporate additional features to make them as effective as possible.

French casement windows are very similar to double casement windows. The main difference between them is that a double casement window is two separate window frames mulled together in one opening. Each of the mulled casements has its own crank handle so you can only open one at a time. When you open both of them, there is a stationary vertical bar in the center of your view where the two frames meet which hinders your view of the outside. A French casement window only has one crank handle which operates both of the sashes so they both open and close at the same time with one action.

We can repair or service most issues from older Weathershield products built in 1996 or later. If they can't be repaired, then we can replace them with the current lines of Weathershield products. The current product lines are Weathershield's Premium series, Contemporary series, Signature series, Aspire series, and Visions series. Whether you are having issues with your Weathershield windows or Weathershield doors, we can help. We handle Weathershield Warranty Service and out of warranty service.

Our fiberglass doors have the most strength of any fiberglass door system because they are constructed with LVL or OSB styles. This is what makes warping a thing of the past. If you are looking for something even more secure, they can be outfitted with multipoint locks, straight from the factory. Each door is made to order for the depth of the frame, sill depth, grain, glass type, hinge finish, hardware, door height, and even strike routes. All of this guarantees the cleanest installation for your home.

We offer and install the best energy-efficient, replacement windows in Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Chandler, Peoria, Scottsdale, Sun City, Gilbert, Sun City West, Tempe, and everywhere else in the valley. To learn more about our replacement windows in the Phoenix area, contact us at (602) 678-3737 today. If you are looking for energy efficiency, longevity, and security in a dual-pane window, this is the window for you. Our "Krasiva Panoramic" window replacement is custom built with enhanced features to exceed anything available at any other company.

We offer a wide selection of replacement French doors to fit any need! We even offer sliding French doors for those who want the French door look but don't have the room for the doors to swing in or out. Our fiberglass doors have the most strength of any fiberglass door system because they are constructed with LVL or OSB styles. This is what makes warping a thing of the past. As far as denting, it would require 10 times as much force to dent a fiberglass door compared to a steel door, and it is twice as efficient.

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