In the early 1940's, rural Sequoyah and Haskell County were without electric service. The farmer took care of the farm chores by hand and with the flickering, undependable light of a kerosene lantern. His wife labored over the wood stove and washboard. After seeing the needs in the rural areas, President Roosevelt signed an executive order on May 11, 1935, establishing the Rural Electrification Administration (REA), bringing electricity to isolated rural areas not serviced by private utilities. The idea of providing federal assistance to accomplish rural electrification gained ground rapidly.

We look forward to providing your electrical service. It is the intention of the cooperative and its employees to provide you with electricity as quickly as possible. In order to do so, the steps listed below will advise you of the things you will need to do and have available for your new service. When you contact the office initially, you will need to supply certain information that will be helpful in getting your service built as quickly as possible.

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MHS Senior Madison Walters was selected to serve as an Oklahoma Senate Page last week. Her sponsoring Senator was Mark Allen. During the week Madison presented and debated a bill during Pageville.  Mad ison said she learned so much about our legislative system and enjoyed meeting other students from...

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#EnergyEfficienc yTipOfTheMonth Don’t keep your refrigerator too cold! The Department of Energy recommends a temperature setting of 35 to 38 degrees for the fresh food compartment and zero degrees for the freezer. Make sure the refrigerator doors are sealed airtight to maximize efficiency. #...

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