TreeFolks has engaged thousands of volunteers to plant more than 2.8 million trees in Central Texas. Planting trees is a powerful means of connecting people with their community. Trees clean the air and water, provide habitat for wildlife, produce fresh fruit for neighbors, and shelter us from the hot Texas sun. We invite you to join us in creating a healthier environment and enhancing the quality of life in Central Texas! Stay up to date with TreeFolks events and news related to Central Texas urban forests, including information about tree care, upcoming volunteer events and educational workshops, as well as information about trees common to Central Texas.

Volunteering with TreeFolks is one of the most meaningful ways to get involved with your urban forest! This year, we may not be able to gather in person and plant trees, but there are still ways to engage with us! Lower your energy bills, beautify your neighborhood, and clean the city air and water with the addition of a new tree to your home! If you want to join the movement to preserve the quality of life in Austin, planting trees is a great way to start. The NeighborWoods program, a proud partnership between the Community Tree Preservation Division of the City of Austin and TreeFolks, provides free trees to Austin residents.

The best spot for your tree is a location in which it will have appropriate light, water, and space. Every tree species is different so check the specific care requirements of your tree before you decide where it should go. Generally, larger stature trees should be reserved for areas far enough away from buildings that they will not cause future problems. Similarly, smaller stature trees are better suited for areas with more limited space. Research has shown that trees planted less than 5 feet from sidewalks and driveways are not as healthy or long lived as trees that are given more space for their roots.

Urban Forest Stewards program is a chance for community members to be educated and trained on the workings of our urban forest ecosystem. From tree biology and tree care to placemaking and ecosystem services, these informative and interactive adult-education sessions are designed to inspire the confidence and actions required to become a steward of Austin's urban forest. Because of this class, I now see trees, really see them. I now know how to take care of them! The stewardship project made me apply what I was learning.

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Happy #InternationalWo mensDay, y'all! We are celebrating ALL of the incredible women on the planet today, and you should too!⠀ ⠀ We are feeling so grateful for all of the women who serve as volunteers, supporters, partners, staff, board members, and environmental warriors. 😍

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UPDATE: We hit our goal of $10,000! Here's Our Development Director, Margot Piper, with a message to all of our su…

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We know that you 💚 trees as much as we do! Share your love for the trees and all of the amazing benefits they provide by making an impactful donation to TreeFolks this Amplify Austin Day!⠀ ⠀ Check out our Amplify ATX page to join in on the biggest day of giving in Central Texas! Every tree and every...

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We know that you 💚 trees as much as we do! Share your love for the trees and all of the amazing benefits they provide by making an impactful donation to TreeFolks this Amplify Austin Day!

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When we plant trees, our goal is to build a sense of hope for the future and your contributions make that possible!…

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At TreeFolks, we work hard to plant trees that will directly impact the quality of life here in Central Texas! 🌎🌳🌱…

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You've probably seen or heard us talk about our work with with Carbon+ Credits. If you've ever wondered exactly wh…

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We were recently able to distribute 95 native saplings to the National Charity League Austin360 Chapter! 🌱 Thank y…

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Did your oak lose limbs during the recent ice storm? Watch out for signs of oak wilt! It's likely there may be s…

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Did you know that there are more than 5 different types of soil just in the Austin area? Soil health is way more im…

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