Along with speedy snow removal services, you may also be interested in affordable tree removal services, land clearing, and lawn and landscaping. Call to speak to a friendly member of our staff today at 405-377-8999. Snow and ice is a safety hazard, especially when it gathers on sidewalks and driveways. With fast responses and reliable snow removal services, you can keep your family or customers safe during the winter months.

Spend your time doing things you love, and leave the mowing and landscaping to our trained professionals. Along with landscaping services, you can also get rid of your dangerous trees with tree removal services. Call 405-377-8999 today. Whether you're struggling to find time for mowing your lawn, or you need help making your business property bright and inviting, you'll find everything you need with our large variety of lawn and landscaping services.

Don't let unwanted stumps, brush, and overgrowth get in the way of your big construction or yard enhancement plans. Call 405-377-8999 today. Along with land clearing, we also provide stellar tree removal services. Whether you need to clear an area of land for construction or you want to make your back yard bigger, you'll be pleased with affordable land clearing services for both residential and commercial areas.

You can have your difficult or dangerous trees removed safely by our trained professionals. Along with tree removal, you'll be pleased with a full range of lawn and tree care services including land clearing, weed control, and much more. Call 405-377-8999 today.

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Posted on Apr 17, 2014  •  Twitter

Posted on Apr 17, 2014  •  Twitter

Derek's Lawn and Tree Service,

Posted on Apr 17, 2014  •  Twitter