At Green Seasons Lawn & Tree Service, we take care of two things: your lawn and your trees. Our complete solutions for lawn and trees keep your landscape healthy and looking beautiful all season long. This is our first experience with Clint's team at Green Seasons and we have been pleased with the professionalism Clint has shown. His prices are reasonable and he is personable and easy to work with. Looking forward to our lawn becoming what we have expected from other lawn companies but never received.

Naturally, the better nutrients your grass receives, the healthier it will look. Instead of looking brownish or light green, the propper nutrients give your lawn the deep green you're looking for. When roots have developed a strong system, they're able to hold the soil together and even absorb more water. In turn, you'll see less pooling and flooding on your lawn as well as less soil erosion during heavy rains. Fertilization and weed control by itself is okay, but it won't have the same effect without a complete plan.

Depending on how compact the yard is, we use core aeration in the spring and the fall. Typically aeration takes place in the fall for our Missouri lawns, but often time it may be necessary to perform in the spring and fall. When soil plugs are removed from the lawn, not only does it allow for better nutrient distribution directly into the soil immediately afterward, but it also allows the soil to settle. Settled soil is much easier for water that carries these nutrients to seep into the ground and ultimately be absorbed by the grass's roots.

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