Well-maintained trees can bring beauty and increased value to any property, whereas poorly-maintained and diseased trees can lower a property's aesthetic appeal. At Kelley Tree Services, we are professional caretakers for your outdoor space. We take pride in being on time and completing projects quickly, without sacrificing our quality standards. We can handle all your tree service needs including tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, shrub trimming, debris clean up, lot and land clearing and emergency storm damage removal.

Kelley Tree Services of Tulsa started off small as a family owned operation and over the years we have grown into the successful company we are today. Our success has given us the ability to not only provide the most professional and efficient tree services but also to equip ourselves with the highest grade tree equipment you can find on the market today. Whether it's our stump grinders, tree trimmers, or any of our other trimming tools, you can rest assured that they were all designed to be the safest and most efficient of their kind.

They add value to your home, provide food and shelter for wildlife and even regulate the temperature of your neighborhood. Young trees are rather simple to plant and care for. They basically need water and mulch. Here are some maintenance tips to help you do this properly. Always water the tree immediately after planting. During the first couple of summer growing seasons, your tree will expend a lot of energy trying to establish its roots and will be sensitive to heat and drought. Watering regularly will be key.

For your first option, we can leave the spot filled with fresh mulch. This makes a perfect fertilizer for any future plant life. Our second option involves us replanting grass or anything else that you would prefer in its place. You can rest assured that when using our stump removal services, you will never know the stump was ever there. Give us a call at (918)-288-2873. Have you ever noticed that once a tree has been removed, there is always a stubborn stump left in its place? It can really be an eyesore in your yard so it is a good idea to complete the job by grinding the stump.

If your property has trees on it, it is an inevitable fact that there will come a time when you will have to consider hiring a tree specialist to perform a tree trimming service. Our goal is to provide customer service that cannot be matched by any other tree company in the Tulsa area. For all things tree related, contact us today! Tree trimming is considered to be one of the most important aspects of tree care. Here are several reasons why tree trimming is necessary and needs to be an important part of your home maintenance plan.

Call us anytime, any day for the fastest and safest tree crew around. We understand that having a tree removed in an emergency can be a huge hassle and we do our best to make our emergency tree services a top priority for all our clients. Getting your life back to normal and out of harm's way is our #1 priority and we offer some of the most competitive tree removal costs in the Tulsa area. Our certified arborists have been trained and educated on how to diagnose and identify trees that may be at risk of falling.

Call Kelley Tree Services of Tulsa at 918-CUT-A-TREE to take care of it for you. Our work is insured and you won't incur any more charges than our original quote. We offer some of the most competitive tree removal pricing in the city of Tulsa. We service Tulsa, Jenks, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Sand Springs, and the surrounding areas. If the tree is dead, it needs to be removed. Not only is it unsightly but the longer you wait to have it removed, the more of a hazard it can become to your home.

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