Lubbock's experts for tree trimming & pruning, tree removal, insect control and more. We're a local TTU alumni-owned and operated outfit focused on providing trusted experience for all of your tree care needs. Our tree care experts are here to help. From tree trimming and pruning to tree removal and more, no job is too large or too small. The Hildebrandt family has a long-reaching history in the tree care industry. Brothers Casey & Kelly, along with "Old Man" Rick, have spent most of their lives involved in tree care and service.

The Hildebrandt family has a long-reaching history in the tree care industry. Brothers Casey & Kelly, along with "Old Man" Rick, have spent most of their lives involved in tree care and that passion shows through their workmanship. Hildebrandt Tree Tech is a family-operated, full-service tree care company serving the tree care needs of home and business owners throughout West Texas. The company was founded by brothers Casey and Kelly Hildebrandt, Texas Tech University graduates(GO RED RAIDERS!)and two of only a small number of ISA-Certified Arborists in West Texas.

When planning a landscape, development, or even a small backyard filled with foliage, it's important to consider which plants thrive best in your environment. Soil conditions, drainage, slope, erosion, and climate are factors that can hamper or inhibit the plant from growing its healthiest. At Hildebrandt Tree Tech, our certified arborists can help you choose the trees that will work best for your landscape and our West Texas climate. Our professional planting services will ensure your trees have the opportunity to grow healthy and strong.

High winds, lightning, tornadoes, ice storms, and drought: our trees get the brunt of them all. When nature strikes, our trees can be twisted, snap, break or be uprooted. Don't put yourself in a dangerous spot by trying to remove damaged limbs on your own. Call the experts at Hildebrandt Tree Tech for emergency tree service in Lubbock TX. We have the expertise and the equipment to make short and safe work of your emergency.

Although many homeowners plant trees and hope for the best, there's a better way to take care of your investment. Happy trees require nutrients for overall good heath. Tree roots spread out through your yard, fighting for water and space amidst the driveways, lawns, and other landscaping elements, which creates a competitive and stressful environment in which to grow. Fertilizers, soil amendments and root stimulants give trees the opportunity to thrive in our harsh West Texas conditions. Fertilizing a tree is much different than fertilizing your house plants.

After a tree is removed, we treat the stump to prevent any re-sprouting that often occurs with a well-developed root system. Some of our clients incorporate the stump into their landscape as a planter or stand for flower pots. Should you want the stump removed, we'll grind it out. From stubborn small shrub roots to massive mulberry roots, we are equipped for the task. And because cleanup is important to us at Hildebrandt Tree Tech, when the grinding is finished, you'll be left only with a mixture of soil and mulch where the stump used to be.

We employ a great team of dedicated tree care professionals. Utilizing TCIA's Tree Care Academy program, we are able to credential employees according to industry standards. Each course teaches and tests for critical skills and core knowledge that tree care employees need in order to work safely and professionally. We have team members at varying levels of this program. Training is a continual process at Hildebrandt Tree Tech!

Hildebrandt Tree Tech offers many different tree care services. Those services include trimming and pruning, which is necessary to keep trees at their best. We also provide tree removal, whether for safety reasons or property modification. Stump grinding-a stump-removal method-is also in our repertoire. Additionally, we can perform cabling and bracing to support weakened trees. Finally, Hildebrandt Tree Tech provides emergency services for when tree care is needed in a short timeframe. These services run the gamut of the techniques required to keep healthy trees healthy and safely remove trees that need to go.

Tree trimming and pruning is especially important in West Texas because most of the trees and plants are not endemic to the region. As a result, they will tend to grow in a manner that isn't always conducive to the landscape - all trees and plants grow to take the best advantage of the available sunlight. The skilled hand of a professional can maximize the tree's natural growing style, as well as the energy restrictions in that area, and merge these with what the presentation that you envision for your property.

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The winter weather that pounded West Texas in early 2021 was the worst the area had experienced in 50 years. While city crews have mostly cleaned up the mess, the damage to trees and shrubs could last much longer. In fact, it may not even be evident yet.

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One of the most common questions we receive from homeowners here at Hildebrandt Tree Tech is what they can do to improve the health of their trees. Today, we outline the most common mistakes we see homeowners make with their trees.

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Fall is the ideal time to prepare trees on your property for the winter so that they’ll have a good start next spring. In general, the things you should be concerned about are preventive maintenance and feeding issues that will prepare them for the cold to withstand the harsh temperatures of winter....

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