At Total Tree Care, we take pride in doing each job the right way. Our crew members are well trained and dedicated to taking good care of your trees and property. You can be sure that when you hire Total Tree Care, you will be taken care of- because we care. All of our staff has a passion for trees. We are dedicated to pruning and removing trees according to industry standards. We enjoy the work we do and take joy in a job well done and will take great care to make ensure the customer is satisfied.

Total Tree Care has successfully completed thousands of projects over the past 17 years. Notable clients include Utah State University, the LDS Church (meetinghouses, camps, and temples), Utah Department of Transportation, numerous construction companies, cities, HOAs, and hundreds of residential clients. In addition to performing high quality pruning, easy to extremely technical removals, and stump grinding we have been called on to a variety of unusual jobs such as cat rescue, antenna installation, bird house installation, tree house removal, and cutting logs for mushroom culture.

Trees in the Intermountain west can suffer from a variety of insect and disease problems. Not every product can save or improve every tree but at Total Tree Care we strive to use time tested, science based products that are effective. All of the products we use are soil applied or trunk injected. This eliminates the attendant problems associated with spraying such as drift of product, washing off in the rain, and securing the area before and after application. After our treatment the area around the tree is safe to use because the product is in the soil or tree.

Stump grinding is an effective way to remove stumps and make way for landscaping, a new tree, or to improve appearance. We own one of the largest, most powerful stump grinders in the area. This allows us to grind deeper and faster than other machines. In fact we been called in to finish grinding many stumps started by other companies or homeowners. We offer the option of leaving the stump chips which can be composted or used in landscaping and gardening or we take them away, leveling the ground leaving little evidence that a stump was removed.

A by product of tree pruning and removal is the prodigious production of wood chips. We sell hundreds of yards of wood chips each year that are used in professional nurseries, gardens, landscapes, and by back to Eden gardeners. Our wood chips are a combination of leaves, twigs, wood, and bark. They all break down at different rates and provide nutrients to plants and microorganisms to the soil. If applied on the soil surface they do not tie up nitrogen; this happens when uncomposted wood chips are mixed into the soil.

We provide consulting services ranging from road projects, tree protection plans, tree related lawsuits, and tree appraisals. We also provide yard walk-throughs to identify trees, problems, or potential problems, and develop management plans. Sometimes a project requires the expertise of an experienced Certified Arborist to provide solutions such as the potential impact to proposed construction, the cause of tree failures, insurance claims, and tree problems between neighbors.

Trees may need to be removed for a variety of reasons including: poor health of tree, safety concerns, construction, tree has grown too big for the area it is in, and changes to landscape. At Total Tree Care we have safely removed trees of all sizes. In the urban environment it is important to use experienced arborists with good judgement and training that can work around obstacles such as fences, other trees, landscaping, structures and more. We have the experience to remove trees in tight quarters with difficult access using specialized low impact equipment to have limited effect on your landscape.

Trees are everywhere, and if cared for properly, their benefits can far outweigh their disadvantages. This is why you would want to hire an arborist. An arborist is trained and skilled in all facets of tree work, including planting, maintaining, and caring for them. Arborists have proper experience to know how to safely and effectively work on trees. Arborists can further their study and knowledge by obtaining an International Society of Arboriculture Certification. Becoming an ISA Certified Arborist is an involved process, including studying proper techniques, adhering to proper practices, and passing a rigorous exam developed by the best tree care professionals in the nation.

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ISA Board Certified Master Arborist and Total Tree Care’s general manager David Thunell feeling in his element! Did you know that this credential is the highest level of certification offered by the International Society of Arboriculture. To put that into perspective, there are only 5 total...

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