When you choose TerraTech you are engaging the design expertise of professionals and products that are customer driven. Our proven product design experience combined with our actual field application knowledge of tree trimming equipment will provide our customers with a huge market edge over all other bucket and manual competitors. We sincerely want to help you be more successful. We distinguish ourselves by creating better solutions to old challenges, and never settling for the status quo. TerraTech offers over 40 years of field-proven machinery design and fabrication experience.

TerraTech offers customized equipment to meet your specific needs. Customer-specified forestry truck chassis and boom configuration (standard knuckle, over center, offset and telescoping booms up to 75 feet) are some of the options available. Precision and high-volume cutting, material handling and chemical spraying tools are the main design features of TerraTech's Integrated Tree Trimming System. There are a significant amount of deaths and injuries that occur every year in the vegetation management industry; and more particularly, in the electric utility industry where aerial bucket truck and/or manual tree climbing applications are utilized.

Precision and high volume cutting, material handling, and chemical spraying tools are the main design features of our integrated tree trimming systems. Our state-of-the-art operating system offers precise operator control from the operator cab or from the wireless remote control harness. There are no other mechanized tree trimmer designs that offer such a vast range of capabilities. The operator cab is mounted on a pedestal that provides continuous rotation of 360 degrees in either direction. The operator cab includes impact-resistant windows, adjustable tilt operator chair and folding access ladder with electronic safety lock feature.

Hundreds of Accidents and Deaths caused by Commercial Tree Trimming in and around electric utility lines has been well recognized for decades. Bucket and manual tree trimming procedures currently performed in and around energized electric lines directly place an operator in a life threatening hazardous environment on a daily basis. Our equipment is designed to keep the operator out of the air and allow the operator to work in a safer, more controlled and productive environment. We value the lives of those who serve this industry and our innovative equipment design offers a distinct advantages over any other bucket or manual tree trimming application.

Our patented cutter head will out perform any pole saw day in and day out. We offer increased production with an articulating head that will allow the operator to cut limbs at any given angle. The cutter head can also be used for ground work and fence lines as well as topping trees. The cutter head has a 360-degree multi-directional axial rotation and a 90-degree, side-to-side wand movement in either direction. This allows tree limbs to be cut at almost any angle, performing precise arbor cuts, in most conditions, and controlling low-level vegetation in most conditions.

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