Insects come in many forms: cockroaches, bed bugs, earwigs and silverfish, amongst many others. Senske is experienced in all kinds of bug extermination. Whether you've found evidence of bed bugs, silverfish, or ants, we're just the pest control company to handle these pesky nuisances. We provide bed bug treatment, roach pest control and insect removal. One ant can become thousands of ants in a matter of days. Oftentimes an ant colony will send out scouts to check the livability of a new location.

There's a reason why Senske is the chosen lawn care provider to homeowners, commercial businesses and public properties in Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas. And the reason is because no other company delivers the comprehensive service we do. Not only do we provide landscape maintenance, tree service and preventative weed and disease control, but we also offer professional pest control services. After more than 70 years, we know what we're doing and everything we do is backed by the Senske Promise, we will meet your satisfaction, or we will do the job again.

Senske Services has been providing residential and commercial lawn care service to communities in the Northwest since 1947. Choose us for year-round lawn care and also get help with sprinkler set-up and aeration in the spring and winterization in the fall. We administer reliable seasonal and yearlong yard maintenance for residential and commercial properties. Our lawn care services reflect our commitment to quality in all aspects of lawn care and lawn maintenance. Lawn maintenance services are available year-round or seasonally.

One of the great things about living in Washington is our abundance of water. Grass and trees flourish because of our precipitous environment; everywhere you look you see green. However, more than just plant life prefers our moist climate. Moss, molds and pests also benefit from our mild weather and abundance of water. Northwest lawns require constant maintenance to control the growth of grass, trees and shrubs. Pests like termites, ants and rodents are oftentimes found inside of our homes to find heat and food, and birds love nesting on warm roofs or inside of gutters.

The landscape that surrounds your property is a big part of what makes your home so inviting. Keep your investment healthy and lush with Senske tree and shrub care. We offer professional tree services including tree trimming services, tree and stump removal, fertilization, integrated pest management and other commercial tree care. Our arborists have been caring for landscapes since 1947, and we know how to make your property look beautiful year-round. For over 70 years, the property owners of our communities have trusted our certified arborists to care for their trees.

Lawn care and pest control: items that every person with a house and a yard need to think about. No one wants pests in their house and every person wants a well-kept yard. But can you really have it all? With our professional lawn care company and pest removal services you can. Say hello to the perfect lawn and goodbye to pesky pests. Your house and your property are important to you; they're a representation of who you are. It's an outward expression of your values. When your property is well maintained; it speaks volumes about your sense of style, your work ethic and your way of living.

Senske offers full service Lawn Care, Tree Care and Pest Control year around. We serve parts of your community from Utah, Idaho, and Washington. We offer a comprehensive 8-round lawn care program, a year-round pest control program, and a year-round tree care program. Senske ensures that you experience the beauty of your property and the peace of mind knowing that your home is pest-free. Request a free estimate for any one of our services and we will be in touch shortly.

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