Texas Trees is the arborilogical division of Keane Landscaping. Since 1980, Texas Trees has been offering landscaping and tree maintenance services through North Texas. Our family owned and operated business strives to give you the highest level of customer care and treatment, no matter what kind of tree services you need. Our goal is to create a unique environment that enhances your outdoor property. Whether you want to maintain your current trees or need to remove unruly plants, our team is here to help!

Our president Kevin Keane established Keane Landscaping in 1980, starting with "one push mower and an old Chevy van." Since then, the family-run business has grown to include five separate divisions including Landscape Construction, Landscape Design, Lawn Maintenance, Irrigation, and Texas Trees Dallas Tree Services. Each division prides itself at being DFW's best at each specialized craft. Whether you are looking for professional tree removal services or need seasonal tree pruning, Texas Trees is here to help.

With professional tree lighting in Dallas, you can show off the beautiful trees no matter what time it is. With over four decades of experience, Texas Trees has a talented team of arborists that can illuminate your space, add value to your property, and make your landscaping look better than ever before. If you need outdoor or tree lighting. Trees has you covered. Want to add extra security to your property? Tree lighting is also a great way to incorporate security lighting in a natural, appealing way.

An important part of tree care is recognizing a declining tree's health. A dying tree may pose safety and/or structural damage if not caught early enough. North Texas Trees provides small and large tree removal in Dallas with every bit of care considered to your property and the safety of our tree care workers. North Texas Trees' award-winning tree surgeons are fully insured and bonded. We specialize in both small and large tree removal in Dallas. Removing large trees over homes, buildings, and driveways is a daily practice for our team of professional tree climbers.

To make sure your trees look great and remain healthy, ensuring they get all the right nutrients in the correct amount is important. Too few nutrients can cause trees to grow slowly or lead to weakened systems. Too many nutrients can overload the root system and lead to serious growth problems with trees. To make sure your trees are getting the nutrients they need, it is important you use a professional tree fertilization service. Texas Trees is a family-owned and operated business that provides fertilization and nutrient solutions throughout the Dallas and North Texas area.

Since 1980, we have helped DFW residents protect and maintain their trees through Dallas tree cabling and Dallas tree bracing. Our company is fully insured, bonded, and licensed, and every member of our staff is a certified arborist. Regardless of how big or small your tree is, we can help ensure it stays beautiful for many years to come. Tree cabling and bracing is necessary when your tree has weak branches and/or multiple stems. Cables can be inserted into the upper crown of your tree to limit the movement of any and all supported branches so they do not become damaged during storms.

Trees are unlike any other organism in the botanical world. They require special care and attention to foster health and lasting growth. If treated properly, trees can easily out-live their original planters, carrying their history throughout generations. At Texas Trees Dallas Tx tree services, we use our extensive knowledge of arbors and botany to prune, polish, and protect your trees. Since 1980, we have been servicing the DFW area as its trusted arborists, offering Dallas Tx tree services that are second to none.

At North Texas Trees tree services in Dallas Tx, our number one priority on every job is safety. Our expert tree climbers are trained in practicing safe climbing, safe drop zone areas, branch tie-offs, and safe cabling practices. Not only are we safe when we're in the air, but on the ground as well. Whether we are chipping removed debris, removing large sections of a tree's trunk, or stump grinding, we are extra careful with our professional practices, and we always place the highest priority on your properties' safety as well.

Excellence is our goal, and it is evident by the work we do, which is second to none. Our customer service representatives are assigned to provide individual attention to every client. Meet the members of our team and find out whyTexas Treesis your number one choice for tree service in Dallas.

North Texas Trees professional tree surgeons are some of the most experienced and skilled tree climbers in DFW. All of our tree surgeons are completely insured and bonded and have been in our company a minimum of fifteen years. Our goal through tree pruning in Dallas is to raise and balance the tree's canopy and remove all dead, diseased, and crossing branches. Typically, we advise that you prune your trees every other year, and deep root fertilize twice annually to ensure beautiful, healthy trees.

What's new?

No job is too big for the team at North Texas Trees! With over 32 years of experience as arborists, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality landscaping and tree maintenance services in the DFW-Metroplex.

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Show off your beautiful trees no matter what time it is with our outdoor tree lighting!💡 Whether you're wanting to illuminate your backyard or commercial property, we are here to help!

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Do you have some trees that look weakened, especially after the recent winter storm? You might consider tree cables and braces to keep your tree beautiful and strong. Learn more about this service we offer in our blog:

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Just like humans, trees need the right nutrients to thrive! 🌳 Make sure your trees are getting everything they need with our professional tree fertilization services.

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