Living Tree Service, a Phoenix AZ tree trimming and tree removal service. Locally owned and operated bycertified arborists, we are committed to proper tree care and customer service with a focus on safety and nationally recognized standards.

The owners of Living Tree Service, Dan and Heather Stevens, are International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborists (WE-6808A, WE-8563A). Owner, Dan Stevens, has worked in the tree care industry full-time since 2001. Thanks in part to his tree climbing competitions, he is recognized as an expert climber, and called on regularly to teach others proper climbing and rigging techniques. We own all of the high quality equipment necessary to trim and remove trees as efficiently as possible with little waste, including a dump truck, chipper, and stump grinder.

Our mulch consists of 1/2"-4" chippings of mixed varieties of trees. It's great for gardening, ground cover, erosion and weed control, and mulching around trees. We can deliver it wherever you want as long as there is a large area to dump it. Also, we can only deliver full loads, so it's quite a bit of mulch. We can only deliver full loads. That means a 10,000 lb. 9′ x 16′ x 5′ high load. It's a lot of material!

Stumps can be unsightly and hazardous obstructions. They can also attract termites. When a tree is removed, the stump may continue to grow back. We have the equipment and experience necessary to properly remove and grind your stumps, thus preventing future problems. This time-saving service allows us to efficiently remove even large stumps to a depth of 12 inches below ground-level. This is usually deep enough to break up the root ball and allow replanting in the same location. 4-5 inches below ground is sufficient to grow grass over the remnants of the stump.

Living Tree Service, Inc. is a full-service tree care company that caters to residential and commercial clients. For any other tree-related service you may need, give us a call and we can probably help you out or refer you to someone who can.

We preserve trees as much as possible. However, there are occasions when tree removal is necessary. Such an occasion may arise when a tree dies or improper placement causes the tree to become a hazard that threatens the safety of your family or property. Don't forget that tree roots, in and of themselves, can be very invasive, possibly causing damage to the walls, plumbing, and even the foundation of your home. Living Tree Service, Inc. has the knowledge and experience necessary to determine whether your tree can be saved.

Living Tree Service, Inc. combines years of experience, artistic expression and research-based data in making pruning decisions. We abide by the ANSI A300 publication, Standard Practices for Pruning. ANSI A300 is the industry standard for proper tree care. We employ arborists that are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). There are many reasons to choose Living Tree Service to prune your trees, but the strongest argument in our favor is peace of mind. We are insured, locally-based and reputable within the industry.

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Thirsty trees are drying out all over Phoenix https:// livingtreeservic thirsty-trees-ar e-drying-out-al l-over-phoenix/

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Trees just keep on giving! Our daughter wanted to share with the neighbors. The neighbors share back. This has continued to bring so much happiness to all🌳♥️

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Living Tree Service, Inc. is seeking to hire an ISA Certified Arborist and/or Certified Tree Worker. This person sh…

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There are no words to describe our gratitude for the Arizona Community Tree Council and their efforts hosting the A…

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We are looking forward to this amazing event! 🌳🌳🌳

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We love providing mulch to plant/tree loving people all over the valley. If we have to remove a tree we at least ma…

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Thank you ♥️🌳

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Shout out to Max Gorden azfamily 3TV CBS 5 today. He did great work with the team to get the word out about the upc…

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Congratulations to Daniel Stevens, owner of Living Tree Service, for completing 2nd in the prelims and 3rd in the M…

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Get your trees ready for summer!

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