Tree trimming and removal service Offered in Denver, Arvada, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Littleton, Aurora and all surrounding Metro areas. Trimming just the specific branch/lead/portion of the tree discussed with the customer: i.e. house clearance or remove damaged lead over driveway etc. Sealing off of the hive the evening before the work, removing the portion of the tree that is occupied, lowering it and transporting the hive to our honeybee keepers. Remove tree or shrub with the stump being 1′ or lower from the high side of the ground, or to customer specifications such as, "Remove tree to the top of the fence."

A Family Tree Service is locally owned and operated serving all the tree needs for Denver Metro area. We are family owned, licensed and insured. Our licensed arborist is happy to answer your questions on how to care and maintain your trees. Give us a call today for FREE evaluations and estimates. We are a small family business founded in April, 2005 by Clay (dad), Stephanie (mom) and Christopher (son). We have been in the tree care business since 1995 when Clay first obtained his arborist license.

When it comes to stump grinding or stump removal in Denver, nothing can beat the knowledge and equipment of a professional. No matter if you've cut down a tree yourself, had a tree knocked down by age or natural elements, or simply inherited it, tree stumps can be a major issue in any outdoor space. Aside from simply not looking great, stumps of any size cause a safety issue for people and animals in the yard and can create an unhealthy environment for your other landscaping. Instead of cutting out the entire stump and greatly disturbing the surrounding area, stump grinding is an environmentally safe option that promotes movement in the ecosystem.

Pruning overgrown trees is about more than just making them look good. While the cosmetic reasons are important and definitely worth considering, pruning can also help improve the health and safety of your tree. Trust an arborist to inspect your trees for the best course of action; while other tree companies may be able to trim your tree to make it look good, an arborist's unique background in tree science and botany helps ensure they prune the tree in a way that not only highlights its natural beauty and matches the landscaping of your home, but also guarantees the tree will stay healthy and safe for years to come.

Tree removal service Denver obviously wants to keep as much of the trees natural elements as possible. A large part of this is avoiding removing trees unless truly necessary. However, in some cases, tree removal is vital to maintaining the health and safety of your landscaping and home. A professional arborist can inspect your outdoor space to see if a tree really should be removed. Tree removal service Denver can be recommended for a variety of reasons. These include a tree that is dead or dying.

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