Our team of experienced, ISA Certified Arborists offer a level of service that is unique to Specialty Tree Services. Our depth of experience and commitment to a job done well are unmatched by other firms in the area. Homeowners and contractors alike rely on our extensive experience to handle their unique tree problems and appreciate the way we get the job done right the first time - quickly, safely, cleanly. You can trust our team of tree care experts to provide you with quality services in a professional and timely manner.

Storm damage from high winds, ice, or heavy snow on your commercial property can cause a serious hazard -- not only to the trees and landscape planting, but also to your clients and employees. Our ISA Certified Arborists are experts at assessing storm damage and making necessary repairs to restore the health of your landscape trees. Often, damage isn't immediately visible, especially to an untrained eye. A call to Specialty Tree Services is a quick and safe way to find out the overall condition of your storm damaged tree and learn about all possible solutions.

The first line of defense to protect your trees and landscape against insects and disease is to maintain your plant's health. The primary focus of our Preventative Pest Management Program is overall tree care. The Tree Medic's Certified Arborists will assess the infestation or disease impact and the tree's overall condition, then recommend the most effective and environmentally sensitive approach to treat the symptoms. State-of-the-art natural pest controls and dormant oils are among the tools we use to help restore a tree to good health.

Our Certified Arborists can keep your landscape trees in tip-top shape. Our commercial tree maintenance program allows you to focus on your business -- not maintaining your landscape. Call or text us for details: (208) 659-8400.

You can trust our team of experienced ISA Certified Arborists to provide your business with quality commercial tree care services. Our clients include a variety of business types, industrial parks, HOAs, and organizations throughout Kootenai County and the surrounding area. Specialty Tree Services will manage and maintain the value of your tree and landscape assets on your property. We can provide an assessment of the trees on your commercial property that includes tree disease and insect monitoring, quality pruning, and tree and stump removal services.

All woody plants require some degree of pruning to maintain proper structure, to remove deadwood, and to remove damaged or diseased material. Proper tree pruning techniques are an absolute must for the short- and long-term health of your woody plants. Conversely, improper tree pruning, cuts, and limb removal can cause irreparable harm by exposing soft, living tissue to insects and disease-causing severe decay over time. Proper tree pruning made at the appropriate time, give the plant the best opportunity to heal.

Our ISA Certified Arborists are tree experts, experienced in plant health care, tree trimming, landscape pruning, and tree removal services. Our goal is to keep your trees healthy and help you maintain a beautiful landscape around your home.

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Now scheduling spring pruning & trimming appointments. Call or text us today! 208.755.2349

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Schedule your dormant tree trimming and pruning now. Trees that are properly pruned and thinned are healthier and less susceptible to wind and storm damage.

Posted on Feb 15, 2021  •  Facebook

Love in nature and all things. Have a great weekend!

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