Brian's Tree Service in central TX takes pride in doing quality tree work based on the standards of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). The owner, Brian C. Williams, is an ISA certified arborist - ID No. TX-3456A. He has passed the written examination and has the necessary experience to meet the requirements for certification. Only two other tree service companies serving McLennan, Bell, and surrounding counties have an ISA-certified arborist on their staff. This is an important license for anyone in the tree care business because insects and fungal or bacterial diseases are frequently the cause of poor health in trees, and often cause damage that results in tree death.

Brian's Tree Service will trim your trees with a goal of long-term tree health and preservation. Trees can't survive cutting in the same way that grass can. Improper cutting can cause permanent damage to trees. Don't let your trees be damaged by an unskilled, unqualified trimmer. Call a Certified Arborist for the health, beauty, and life of your property's most valuable assets. Our trimming usually lasts three to four years and sometimes longer before the customer sees the need to call us back. Most of my competitors' trimming last only six months to a year because they "strip" or over-prune trees, putting them into shock.

Do you have a tree that was planted in the last few years that is not looking good? It is possible that the tree is root-bound and is slowly dying. Most companies do not know how to plant a tree and or what to look for to check a tree for root-bound issues. It is a fact that newly planted trees have a life expectancy of three to five years due to improper planting procedures and not having the information you need to know to help your tree thrive not just survive. If you have a tree that was planted in the last few years and would like to have a tree healthcare specialist evaluate your tree please call Brian's Tree Service at 254-715-5238.

Wondering whom to rely on for preserving and protecting your trees? With 23 years of combined experience, Brian's Tree Service in central TX can help you evaluate which trees to retain, treat, or get rid of. You can count on our professionals to treat your existing landscapes and keep them intact with regular trimming and treatment. When it comes to your new construction, Brian will advise you on how you can save your trees from damage by the contractor's crew and sub-contractors. Your trees are some of the most valuable and beautiful assets on your property.

Brian's Tree Service in central TX specializes in high-risk removal of large, potentially hazardous trees. When trees are diseased, dying, or completely dead, they begin to shed limbs, making them vulnerable and unstable. A weak tree can easily be broken or even uprooted by strong winds. Trees become hazardous when their location and condition pose a threat to the people or property in the vicinity. That's why it's imperative to have skilled climbers and specialized equipment by your side. Large or small, dead or alive, broken or intact - Brian and his crew can remove trees efficiently without causing damage.

Brian's Tree Services has been consulting with customers for years about proper turf management techniques. Brian Williams has been licensed to diagnose and treat lawns to help keep them green and beautiful Due to popular demand, we are now offering weed treatments, fertilization, fungicide treatment, and core aeration. For years, customers have talked with me about being unsatisfied with the lawn management services they were receiving from lawn and landscaping companies. Many of those companies are not even licensed or insured to do the services they are providing.

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