We have been in the tree business for over 20 years in the Inland Northwest. The Tree Service covers Newport, WA; Spokane, WA; Coeur d'alene, ID; Priest River, ID; Deer Park, WA; Diamond Lake, WA and surrounding areas. When you want a job done - and done right - and for the right price - call an expert! From start to finish, our customer service is top notch and second to none. I, Don Pearl, personally handle all jobs: whether it is pruning, topping, tree trimming, or tree removal, I personally guarantee it.

The Tree Service is a family-owned business, local to the Newport/Diamond Lake area. Owner Don Pearl has over 20 years' experience in logging and construction, and is one of just a few professional arborists in the area with extensive experience removing hazardous trees, especially in and around residential structures and tight neighborhoods. Providing 24/7 emergency calls and insurance work, The Tree Service prides itself on only the highest quality work and professionalism, customer service, cleanliness, punctuality, and community.

When you're planning a new home, shop, outbuilding, or even a gate or animal pen, you're probably going to need the professional help of an experienced construction company. The Tree Service is a full-service construction company, so we can help you get your new home and property set up from raw land to finished product - we're really a one-stop shop! From clearing your land, constructing roads and driveways and access points, to building your house, shops, outbuildings, garages, docks, gates, and more, The Tree Service is experienced and full licensed and insured to build you whatever you need!

One of the side effects of downing leaning, dying, diseased, dead, damaged, or infected trees is that there are unsightly stumps left behind. At The Tree Service, we finish the job completely, removing the stumps left behind. We can also remove stumps from old logging or tree removal if there are stumps in your yard, cluttering your landscaping. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we not only remove the branches and logs from tree removals, but we also grind the stumps left behind down flat or even recessed, and then clean up the saw dust and fill in any holes left behind, leaving you with a beautiful - and safe - yard.

There's a lot more to landscaping than just making your lawn look pretty. Designing your yard to be visually appealing from the curb, as well as planning for drainage and run-off, considering the composition of the land (rocks, clay, shale, etc), the terrain and topography, as well as tree and weather safety are also major concerns for any conscientious home owner. At The Tree Service, we have decades of experience and know-how to help you design not just the pretty yard of your dreams, but also a yard designed to protect your home and other personal property, to preserve the natural features of the land wherever possible, and function in the best possible way for your family and lifestyle.

Winters in North Idaho and Eastern Washington are known for snow, and those heavy snowfalls definitely make your life more difficult if you don't have a removal plan in place. The Tree Service offers scheduled snow plowing services and on-call plowing services, as well. When the white stuff falls, we'll be there to plow your driveway and parking areas free from snow, putting the snow piles as out of the way as we can, as neatly as possible. Because your life should never be more difficult just because it snows!

Many people don't think of a tree's limbs as a danger, but they can be! Strong winds, wind and storm damage, pests and beetles, or just an aging tree can cause limbs to break or otherwise become damaged. These limbs can fall suddenly or be blown out by the wind, potentially landing on and damaging your home, property, or even injure you or a loved one. Proper tree and limb maintenance is important to reduce these risks. Even when a tree isn't damaged or sick, it's still important to properly maintain your trees by periodically limbing branches.

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Photos of some of the hazardous tree removal projects a company has completed due to the wind storm on January 13th shame to see this much destruction when it could have been preventable nearly 100% with just some proper tree Maintenance the tree service is always open willing to help with tree...

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A few more tree removal pictures from today

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