At SprayTech we offer Colorado noxious weeds control and tree health care services to the South Metro Denver and the Front Range. We develop comprehensive tree and shrub insect control, tree disease control, tree health care, and noxious weeds management programs that will fit any size property or budget: commercial, industrial or residential. Our tree management goal is to keep your trees healthy and protected from diseases and insect attacks. Drought, heat, and other stresses make trees vulnerable.

If you are like most home and property owners, you want the trees and shrubs on your land to look the best they possibly can. In Colorado, we have a semi-arid climate. One of the most important things you can do to ensure vigorous and healthy plants is to ensure that you are deep root watering trees. SprayTech is located in beautiful Castle Rock, Colorado. We provide residential and commercial deep root watering services to those living around Denver, Larkspur and Castle Rock. Our experienced and certified technicians can help you determine if you have trees needing a deep watering.

SprayTech provides weed spraying services in the greater Denver, Castle Rock and Larkspur Colorado area. We remove weeds from residential and commercial lawns, landscapes, fields, and more. Don't let unsightly or noxious weeds decrease the value of your property or home, let our professional tree surgeons review your property and develop a plan to eliminate those weeds before they spread and become out of control. Early detection and prevention is the most cost-effective strategy when it comes to weed control.

Trees have their greatest need for nutrients in the spring. Fertilizer applications are used in the growing season to improve the appearance and health of trees. There are three methods of fertilizing trees, you can spray on the foliage, apply the fertilizer directly on the soil around the tree or apply it below the surface via holes. Getting the fertilizer down to the roots of the tree in the right amount takes experience and specialized equipment. The last method, known as deep root tree fertilization, produces the best results.

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#CMGTuesdays are back! As we plan for a potential snowpocalypse, it's hard to think forward to our landscaping - but it's the perfect time to plan for waterwise solutions!

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https:// extension.colost topic-areas/ yard-garden/ fall-and-winter- watering-7-211/

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Tumbleweed invasion traps cars and truckshttps:// www.theguardian. com/us-news/ video/2020/jan/ 02/ tumbleweed-invas ion-traps-cars- and-truck-on-us -highway-video? fbclid=IwAR0DBQ J6c_fHKNtCASn4h c8OY6NCVeVQjAZA S3rsAOZPBrju9N5 PJ7XCiec

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