Etter Tree Care has proactively cared for trees in our community for over 40 years, enhancing the quality of life for this generation and for those to come. In addition to our services, we offer timely and expert information for everyone who cares for trees in our Resource section. You can use this contact form, email us at, or give us a call at (210) 654-8733 to discuss how we can work together to care for your trees. Whether in the urban forest or in your backyard, ETC is a full service Tree Care company.

Etter Tree Care was established in San Antonio by Edward Etter in January 1976 as Tree Maintenance Services. Mr. Etter began the tree care business in response to the growing demand for professional tree care in and around the San Antonio metroplex. In June of 1976, Ed was hired as a city arborist, overseeing municipalities such as the San Antonio River, public golf courses, and parks. After three months of working for the city, he decided to return to his private tree care business. From August of 1976 through 1995, Ed focused on developing his services and expanding his customer base.

PRUNING, when properly performed, is beneficial and can reduce the risk of stem and branch failure; provide clearance for structures, vehicles, and pedestrians; improve health and appearance; and improve views. Improper pruning techniques are harmful for a tree's health, vigor, stability, and appearance. A tree that is not pruned, or left natural, can develop low limbs, co-dominant stems, defects such as included bark, and accumulation of dead branches. Before pruning, determine the reason and objectives that should result.

Whether in our urban forest or in your home's backyard, ETC's full service Tree Care company can help preserve and improve your green canopy. Our International Society of Arboriculture certified arborists will help you decide the best plan for your treasured trees. They will provide cost estimates for immediate services such as pruning to clear your roof, remove low limbs for street and drive clearance, and general pruning for tree health. Then will stick with you to insure your trees receive the care they need to thrive.

Storm Damage & Hazard Inspection: If a storm has just caused damage to your tree(s), such as torn or fallen limbs, Etter Tree Care can assist you in removing and cleaning up the debris. In addition, if you feel your tree(s) may become a hazard in a storm, we can assess what actions need to be taken to prevent an accident from occurring. Diagnosis: If you are wondering why your tree(s) are looking poor, our certified arborists can help! We will find the trouble and recommend corrective treatment.

Construction Site Management: Whether you are building, remodeling, or having utility construction done, trees will undergo stress in construction situations. Representatives at Etter Tree Care can provide you with the necessary information and tools to protect your trees before, during, and after construction. Etter Tree Care recommends certain considerations in the protection of trees in construction areas. Land Development Assistance: ETC Land Development Services include tree survey, valuation, tree health and evaluation.

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