Texas Tree Team is a locally owned tree service in the Houston area. We are a team of arborists and tree care professionals dedicated to the preservation of urban trees. See our services. Our team has been an award winning tree service in the Houston area for the past 14 years. This is because we have professional, highly trained team members to assist you with the care of your trees. We incorporate the latest industry standards for tree care operations and tree care safety. We have received the BBB award for excellence and the Angie's List Service Award for the past seven years in a row!

Houston's unique climate effects our trees in many ways making tree removal more risky. The high moisture is a breeding ground for decay while the clay soil leaves little oxygen for roots to thrive. Storms wreak havoc with wind and flood damage. Wood density can hide internal decay. Knowing what trees in Houston are suseptable to what types of disease and the signs to look for is essential. Poor structure complicates removal. Frequently trees are left to grow as they please without proper pruning to promote good structure.

Tree trimming may seem like something that can be done by just anyone. However, pruning shears or a saw in the wrong hands can quickly turn into serious and permanent damage to your trees. When done properly tree trimming can improve the health of your tree and help to extend its life. Furthermore, a proper tree pruning can enhance the beauty of your entire property and add value to your home! This guide contains all of the information needed to help you prune your own trees. If you don't feel up to the task, this guide will also help you understand the process.

Tree stumps can hang around for years after a tree has been removed. Stump removal will eliminate the stump and all the associated problems therefore it's the best course of action if you have stumps on your property. How much room is there for the stump grinding equipment to access the stump? When considering this you need to know details such as the width of gates and walkways. Look out for narrow points and find the most narrow openings. This will help to determine which equipment can be used to remove your stump.

Tree Health: Tree health concerns include the trees life expectancy as well as disease and decay. Branch failure due to tree maturity may be cause for removal. A dead or dying tree needs to be removed. Tree Location Concerns: Trees along fence lines, in close proximity to structures, and under power lines can all be considered poor locations. Trees in the way of new construction, and trees causing damage to property would need to be removed due to location concerns. If any of these situations are occurring with the trees on your property, removal may be the answer.

Our arborists are experts and helping you through the land clearing process. From assessing the health of trees on your raw land to be cleared to creating a tree preservation plan we can help you every step of the land clearing process. Once a plan is developed our land clearing team can quickly turn your wooded lot into open land ready for new construction. There are several steps to the land development process, each with their own set of concerns. Some sites may not have enough room to safely operate large equipment and fell tall trees.

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