Arbor Care, Inc. is a locally owned and operated professional tree service company. Our focus is on superior work quality and outstanding customer satisfaction. To achieve and maintain these objectives we employ 9 ISA Certified Arborists, a Degreed Forester and only our own full time employees on our work crews. We do not use temporary or contract workers, and the vast majority of our workers are long term employees with 10 or more years of service. Our employees are among the best in the industry.

You're the property manager for several commercials building and you need to find a Houston commercial tree service that will keep your trees healthy and beautiful. In Houston's competitive economic climate, an attractive business landscape setting can have a lasting impression on clients and tenant retention. A well maintained property reflects the quality and thorough attention to detail recognized by both tenants and property owners. Arbor Care, Inc. has the extensive Houston commercial tree service expertise which ensures proper landscape presentation and tree care.

Contact the residential tree services Houston residents turn to in times of need. Tree Professionals who care about the the health, appearance and preservation of your trees-Arbor Care of Houston. We have invested in the industry's best training for our expert tree care technicians and in the latest tree care equipment to offer you the safest, most capable and affordable comprehensive tree services. We are focused on adding value to your property by maintaining, repairing and caring for the prized and important trees you own.

Our Houston emergency tree service experts are on call 24-hours a day for any type of residential or commercial emergency service. At Arbor Care, Inc. our emergency response team is qualified to handle storm damage caused by hurricanes, tornadoes, wind, lightning, or flooding. Our crews have the equipment, experience and training required to safely remove damaged trees from homes, businesses and outside structures. Arbor Care, Inc. is a fully insured emergency tree service company that adheres to the strict tree care standards established by the Tree Care Industry Association.

Houston tree trimming should be a regular part of all tree maintenance programs. Tree trimming enhances the safety of your trees and their beauty can even increase the value of your property. You can have us begin the tree trimming process when your trees are approximately one year old. Proper tree trimming involves the selective removal of limbs and branches to improve tree appearance, structure and health. Tree trimming also helps control tree size prevent property damage. Our tree trimming services include clearing low branches that obstruct views, eliminating tree parts that inhibit grass growth, trimming diseased or damaged branches, reducing potential for storm damage, and reducing hazards around power lines.

Caring for unique landscapes and trees is a unique art, requiring an understanding of both the aesthetic and science of horticulture and arboriculture as well as an intimate understanding of Houston tree management ecology system. Arbor Care, Inc. understands these challenges and provides expert tree management services. We are passionate about tree care. We specialize in land management for residential, estate, commercial and government properties in the greater Houston area. Proper Houston tree management is an ongoing process that requires the informed and diligent stewardship of our experts at Arbor Care, Inc.

When you finally have had it with bumping into that annoying stump in your yard, it's time to call the Houston stump removal experts Arbor Care, the tree care and stump removal specialists. Removing a tree is only a part of the job as it takes professional tree care providers to correctly grind the stump, remove the debris and return the area to its natural state, completing the beautification of your landscaping. No one wants to let a stump remain in their yard after a tree is removed, ruining the aesthetics of landscaping.

Houston Stump Removal Tree's that are cut down often leave behind large unsightly stumps and can quickly become a new home to a variety of insects. Houston residents know stump removal is not something you can take on yourself. Simply letting nature take its course and allowing the stump to decay takes at least a decade. Trees can potentially get too overgrown against building foundations, power lines, or driveways. The easiest and most affordable method is to have our experts use our stump grinding equipment.

Discover why Arbor Care is the leader for professional Houston residential tree service. Contact Arbor Care today to discuss tree maintenance needs for your home with a certified arborist. We have the tools, people and know-how to complete any residential tree service in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area. Do you have dead, dying or diseased trees on your property? Call us today to prevent hazardous trees from the risk of injuring people and causing property damage. Arbor Care also specialized in caring for existing trees.

Arbor Care, your local Houston Arborist, is licensed through the Structural Pest Control Board of Texas, with five Certified Applicators and five Licensed Technicians on staff. All applications are made in full compliance with Federal, State and Local Laws and Regulations. Our staff of 9 ISA Certified Arborists continually evaluates new materials and techniques for inclusion in our treatment regimens. An ISA Certified Arborist truly is a "Tree Doctor". The work is performed only by Licensed and fully trained Technicians.

Residents and business owners who have trees needing proper trimming and shaping call the Spring tree service professionals-Arbor Care-to make their landscaping look its best. Our tree care experts are certified arborists who understand how to practice the recognized arbor care techniques to make your trees safer, healthier and more beautiful. Besides fundamental tree care, such as tree trimming and shaping, we offer a full range of tree services from tree planting and repair to stump grinding and removal.

Arbor Care, Inc. offers exceptional Houston tree clearing services to the area's residential homeowners, commercial property owners and municipalities. We are fully equipped to handle your tree clearing needs from 1 to 100 acres. If you need tree clearing services to provide space for your renovation project or for a new construction lot, the Arbor Care, Inc. team can handle your Houston tree clearing challenge with experience and efficiency. Arbor Care, Inc. provides tree clearing services to many builders, developers and contractors in the Houston area and upholds our stellar reputation for excellent tree clearing services.

Arbor Care, Inc. is a Missouri City area professional, affordable and fully insured tree care service specialist. We provide quality shade tree pruning and tree removal, along with several other tree services. With 9 ISA Certified Arborists on staff, Arbor Care, Inc. has the skills and experience to embark on providing you with state of the art techniques for the best tree care. The company has grown since its establishment in 1986 by providing quality, professional work at reasonable rates. Our growth will continue throughout Southeast Texas because our ultimate goal is a satisfied customer.

Arbor Care, Inc. can help you keep the structural integrity of your trees through tree cabling and bracing services. We are the Houston experts in this delicate science and we can help you. Tree cabling and bracing can help restore your trees to optimum health and extend the life of a tree that has structural problems caused by neglect or storm damage. An Arbor Care, Inc. certified arborist can provide the best cabling or bracing recommendations for your Houston trees. Tree support systems are used to provide structural support to weak trees and to reduce the possibility of storm damage to your trees.

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