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Looks pretty, right? Then you notice those crazy thorns! Those thorns can grow up an inch long, and the weed up to six feet tall! You could poke an eye out with that! Learn more about the Yellow Starthistel and other invasive weeds in our recent invasive weed blog post at https:// www.ktmb.org/ ...

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Own a business in the Truckee Meadows? Would you like your business to save on expenses, have access to more resources, become sustainable? Of course you do! Check out the Nevada Green Business Network through KTMB and become a certified Green Business to get all of that and more. Visit, https:// ...

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Even if you can't volunteer you can still help KTMB with our mission. The smallest of donations help us maintain equipment, organize volunteers, and help us pay for services needed to do all that! Every donation counts and we greatly appreciate every one of them. To learn more and make a donation...

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As we move from winter to spring, you may be looking for ways to get outside. Here at KTMB, we think there is no be… https://t.co/Dh2pmiYA3a

Posted on Mar 07, 2021  •  Twitter

There have been some changes to how Household Hazardous Waste is recycled in Washoe County. To learn more about wha… https://t.co/ib13c8RLBr

Posted on Mar 06, 2021  •  Twitter

Prepare for the invasion! Learn more about the noxious weeds ready to invade your favorite space and how to control… https://t.co/cLfOozeVbs

Posted on Mar 05, 2021  •  Twitter

We are all going to miss Christi very much, but she did leave KTMB in very capable hands. Meet Keep Truckee Meadows… https://t.co/PSjgfMhw6v

Posted on Mar 04, 2021  •  Twitter

We can put an end to illegal dumping with your help! Remember to call 329-DUMP if you find an illegal dumpsite, or… https://t.co/iFvAyRczYM

Posted on Mar 04, 2021  •  Twitter

Plastic is everywhere and being used for just about everything. This should not be one of them. Learn more about re… https://t.co/e8kNGTET8I

Posted on Mar 03, 2021  •  Twitter

There have been some changes to what types of plastic can go in your Waste Management Northern Nevada recycling bin… https://t.co/eoBDS7jV3p

Posted on Feb 28, 2021  •  Twitter

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