Frontier Tree Service offers the best expert staff in the tree care industry. You can count on your work being completed in the safest manner possible using best practices set forth by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). We remove low limbs and eliminate dead, dying or diseased portions of trees. When thinning, we take out the inner crossover branches of the tree canopy but not more than one third of the tree crown. Enough, but only what is needed to ensure good tree health. Check out these links for more on: Tree Removal and Stump Removal.

When Tree Planting, who doesn't admire healthy young trees? Frontier's Tree Planting professionals can bring new life to a spot where a tree has required removal due to age and disease. Properly plant, new trees also save energy and protect the soil. Tree Planting Services from our crews of highly experienced staff can make new trees flourish. Let us work with you to select the best types of trees for your property. There's nothing more disappointing than planting the wrong tree in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Tree Fertilization is a science to effectively feed your trees. This is necessary on a regular basis to ensure that your trees stay in good and robust health. Frontier's experienced team knows how to determine the correct amounts of fertilizer to use, and when to apply them. We understand that mature trees need different doses of nutrients than younger ones, which vary at different times of the yearly growing cycle. Our skilled professionals at Frontier Tree Service, know how to get this done. Maintaining your tree health is key to a lasting, lovely landscape and your trees are the cornerstones of that.

Tree stump grinding and removal services are a common need for really anyone who has trees or property. Our experienced stump grinding and removal professionals will remove undesirable stumps, improve the look of your property, prepare the area for new planting and make mowing easier. Leaving a stump behind after removing a tree can invite trouble. It is important to finish the job. Always remove the tree stumps as well. Even if you remove the tree yourself, always have a Frontier Tree Care professional remove the stump.

Tree Removal Services are sometimes a necessary thing. It's just a fact of nature: Sometimes a beautiful old tree needs to be taken down, especially from storms or broken limbs. Perhaps tree trimming to avoid such an issue is needed. Frontier's Tree Removal professionals can help. Tree removal is sometimes needed, whatever the cause. A failing tree can pose danger, especially near people, pets and/or structures. Whether the risk is low or high, there's no need to put you and your property in harm's way.

Tree Pruning Services are offered by many, but not everyone is properly skilled and trained to handle the job. Let Frontier's knowledgeable Tree Pruning crews keep your trees healthy, lovely and storm-tolerant by eliminating hazards and maintaining their structure. Whether a tree is damaged, ailing or young, it can thrive with proper pruning on a routine basis. With 40 years of professional tree service experience, you can depend on Frontier. Our experts include a full-time, specialist who keeps up with the latest industry guidelines.

Construction department manager Shaun has been in the industry more than 15 years. He is a certified back flow tester and is very knowledgeable in all aspects of landscape construction: water features, retaining walls, paths, patios and much more. Shaun enjoys all aspects of the business - sales to management to helping in the field. Casey is the manager of our maintenance department and part of our team since 2011. He earned his bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Warner Pacific College and is a licensed commercial pesticide applicator.

Emergency Tree Care is needed when there are fallen trees, typically after a heavy storm has taken place. Portland and Clark County. To protect your property and structures, Frontier's Emergency Tree Care Team is here for you 24 hours a day. The next time a storm raises havoc with your trees, hire the highly experienced and professional tree service company: Frontier. Our crews, trucks and gear are standing by to safely clear the way.

Frontier Landscaping is a family owned, full-service landscape company based in Vancouver, Washington. We have been providing quality landscaping services to SW Washington and the Portland Metro area since 1988. Our work environment is casual yet professional; we're team oriented, supportive and customer centered. Frontier Landscaping owners Steve and Tina Pash believe in providing ongoing training and giving employees opportunities to continually further their skills. This boils down to better quality service to our customers; confident, knowledgeable employees and a more satisfying work environment for all.

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