Complete Tree Care has been serving the Denver Metro area since 1988 and has been keeping Residential and Commercial properties healthy and vigorous. We strive hard to make your landscape services simple and painless from your initial phone call or e-mail to our office to the completed job. If storms or wind take down your tree, we will dispatch our emergency crews promptly to clean up the damage. Our knowledgeable and experienced landscapers are dedicated to providing prompt services and quality workmanship that goes beyond your expectations!

Since 1988 Complete tree care has been taking care of residential and commercial properties to help beautify their landscape material. With proper pruning techniques and insect control makes for healthy and vigorous growth. Our primary goal at Complete Tree Care is to take care of the trees around your home or business so they're safe and thriving. It is both a skill and an art to be able to shape and design a tree for maximum health and appeal. We also offer expert stump removal. For any kind of tree assistance, call Complete Tree Care.

Planting new trees and shrubs help the appearance of your landscape as well as being beneficial to the environment. If you know what variety trees or shrubs you want we can get those and install them for you. If you need suggestions and guidance on what trees or shrubs are suitable for your yard and location you desire we can provide one or more species that you can choose from.

From pruning and watering to shaping and mulching, tree maintenance can be a full-time job. When you'rein need of residential tree care services in the Denver, CO area, you should rely on the team at Complete Tree Care. There's no feeling in the world like relaxing in the shade of a beautiful tree. With the help of a professional tree service company, you can sit in the shade without worrying about the health of the tree. At Complete Tree Care, we've been caring for trees since 1988. We've helped with all sorts of tree issues, and we can help you improve your landscape.

Trees benefit the most when getting a full prune (thinning shaping removal of deadwood clearing other trees homes wires etc.) The purpose of pruning is a visual appearance. However even more and most importantly is for the health of the tree. Thinning allows sunlight and wind to pass through the tree as well as reducing the risk of storm damage when we get the wet heavy snows while the leaves are still on. Removal of deadwood allows the tree to use less energy trying to push water and nutrients to a dead branch that is no longer there and putting that energy to the rest of the healthy part of the tree increasing vigorous growth.

What's new?

Modern lawn care requires more than mowing every couple of weeks. It also requires proper maintenance of the tools. If mower blades are not properly sharpened, they will damage the grass leaves; if the mower height is incorrect, lawn quality is affected.

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Carrots need deep, loose soil to form a robust root, which is just one of many reasons why having professionals clear away your winter debris, and prepare your garden for spring is worth every dime.

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