If you still decide to plant a tree in you lawn, spread a 2 to 4 inch layer of mulch around the tree. The broader the mulched area the better, but do not make it too deep. Mulch will protect a tree from damage caused by lawn mowers and weed cutters. Do your research before you plant a tree in the lawn. Make sure that the tree has an open canopy that does not cast too much shade, has roots that never appear at the surface, and will adapt to the same watering and fertilizing practices that you use for your lawn.

One of the first and main decisions in your xeriscape landscaping design is the selection of the trees you are planning to plant. It's one of the biggest investments, they will dominate certain areas and have a huge impact on the overall plan. As fas as xeriscape landscaping concerned, trees are vital. They save water by providing shade. The temperature under a tree can be 10 to 15 degrees cooler, and that cuts down on evaporation from surface plants. Deciduous trees naturally grow in areas with humid environments.

Most of our customers prefer that we come when there are 3 or more inches of snow on the driveway. Please let us know if we need to customize your snow removal service. In Larkspur and Bell Mountain our regular route customers are our number one priority. If you are not signed up for our snow removal services in Larkspur and Bell Mountain, we will be happy to plow your driveway. But we will have to come after we have cleared all the driveways on our route unless you are next door to one of our customers.

One of the most frequent questions that customers ask me on the phone is "What is the average cost of tree removal?" It is hard to give an average cost of tree removal to a client without looking at a tree but here are some points to think about. All trees are unique; every estimate I go to differs from the previous ones. These facts make it almost impossible to come up with the exact number for an average cost of tree removal. That is why I offer a free estimate. I handle a variety of tree removals with different approaches.

Beautiful landscaping can be one of the most rewarding aspects of home ownership. A well-maintained property improves your surroundings, makes the time you spend outside enjoyable and increases the value of your house. If this is something you would like to have but do not have time to do innumerable yard tasks, please give us a call to find out about our landscaping and yard services. When providing any of our landscaping and yard services our goal is to do work for a reasonable cost and as quick as possible weather and schedule permitting.

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