Lopez Tree Service is a family-owned company started by Mike Lopez Senior, who began trimming trees as a child. As an adult, he moved to Washington state to learn and develop his skills. He returned to Seaside, CA, and built our tree trimming and removal company from the ground up. With more than 40 years of knowledge and experience behind them, Mike and our team at Lopez Tree Service have earned a reputation for excellent customer service and quality work. Lopez Tree Service serves dozens of communities in the Monterey area with expert tree trimming and removal.

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In Japanese landscape design, paths are often used. For instance, strolling gardens will usually feature circular paths constructed of stepping stones, crushed gravel, sand, or packed earth, and provide views of the best areas of the garden.

Posted on Mar 11, 2021  •  Facebook

Did you know that lack of soil water can wreak havoc on your lawn, causing it to turn brown and go dormant? We can help you determine the optimal watering schedule to keep your lawn green and healthy.

Posted on Mar 09, 2021  •  Facebook

When you lead a busy lifestyle, it may be all you can do to keep up with regular lawn mowing chores. If your lawn needs a little help to look its best, let us handle all the grunt work for you.

Posted on Mar 04, 2021  •  Facebook

Did you know that a Japanese garden landscaped in such a way as to almost mirror the existing scenery beyond the garden is known as Shakkei, meaning borrowed view? This is one of the many Japanese garden design principles.

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Do you have all the proper tools to keep your lawn and garden in top shape during the year? Clearing out dead limbs and cleaning up your lawn and garden can be difficult work in the spring. Why not allow a landscape professional to handle the job so you and your family can enjoy the results?

Posted on Feb 25, 2021  •  Facebook

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