Our team includes certified arborists and skilled staff with outstanding training in all aspects of tree care. We have tree spades appropriate for transplanting trees of varying sizes and required tree pruning and removal equipment. Additionally, we carry full insurance for your peace of mind.

Jordan's Tree Moving and Maintenance was established in 1984 by certified arborist David Jordan with one small tree spade, a truck and a chainsaw. Jim Parker joined as a partner in 1997, bringing needed operations and mechanical skills. Through years of great employees and excellent service to customers, the company grew to be one of the most respected tree care companies in the area. As one of the largest local tree care and tree transplanting companies, Jordan's Tree understands that this type of business requires referrals of satisfied customers.

At Jordan's Tree Moving and Maintenance, Inc., we have extensive experience in using a crane to perform removals of very large trees, trees close to structures and trees in difficult access areas. We take great care to protect your existing landscape and structures during removals and are fully insured. Jordan's Tree has the equipment to grind the remaining tree stump to mulch, which can be left or removed. Our larger stump grinder can remove stump and root material as deep as 18″ below grade for customers who desire to replant in the same location.

Trees offer beauty and shade. Regular pruning improves the safety, health, and aesthetics of trees. Pruning involves removal of dead or dying branches, diseased or insect-infested branches, and crossing and conflicting limbs to provide airflow (important for tree health and in windy areas to reduce tree risk) and light penetration. A well-pruned tree protects people and structures from branches that may fall or fail during high winds, snow loads, or storms. Colorado storms frequently happen in spring or fall as trees are still in leaf, creating the highest risk of tree branch failure.

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Jordan's Tree has a new web page!https:// jordanstree.com/

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