We are taking all necessary precautions to prioritize your health and safety. We have implemented all appropriate social distancing measures for both our customers and workers while they are performing these necessary services. Please contact us immediately if you have any concerns or emergencies regarding your property. Choosing an expert arborist insures the proper health and beauty of your trees and landscape. San Jose Tree Service specializes in the complete care and removal of trees, shrubs, vines and plants as well as every aspect of turf and ornamental pest management.

San Jose Tree Service is owned and operated by Robert Apolinar, a third generation Arborist and tree professional. Robert has generations of knowledge behind him in addition to his personal profession experience with arboriculture. Robert and his team of trained tree care professionals are dedicated to their craft and meeting your expectations. Robert's grandfather managed the trees in the orchards of Saratoga during 1940s and 50s, and his father has been running his own tree service since the 1980s.

San Jose Tree Service is now offering complete landscape construction and development. We often find our selves performing removal of old landscapes and then the clients looking for a landscape contractor to design and install a new landscape. We have spent the last few years educating our team, acquiring certifications, and proper licensing in order to offer the highest quality of landscape installations. If a totally new landscape design and install isn't what you are looking for we can also perform landscape enhancements to improve your already existing space.

At San Jose Tree Services, we go beyond tree trimming by using a formative and comprehensive approach. Our certified arborists assess each tree and the pruning is specifically tailored to the needs of each tree. All trees vary, whether it's with the tree's growth habits, changes with the environment, and/or the location in which the tree or trees are planted. We focus on correcting or preventing structural defects, pruning to prevent limb failures, removing dead or diseased limbs, increasing overall health, improving air flow and light penetration throughout the canopy, directing growth toward or away from structures, maintaining a desired shape or height, power line clearing, improving fruit production, and/or increasing aesthetic appeal.

Tree removal is an art and a science that often involves removing a large tree in a difficult location that a property owner is unable or unwilling to attempt. Over the years we have removed trees of all different species and sizes in almost every imaginable situation and location. Our experience and knowledge in rigging tactics, equipment selection, and safe working procedures allow us to do your biggest jobs. The right equipment and approach has enabled us to successfully accomplish the removal of any and all trees that we have been tasked to remove.

In the event of an emergency we provide 24-hour emergency tree services. During heavy rains, especially after a prolonged drought, rain and/or windstorms may create hazardous situations for people and their trees. Trees may need to be trimmed, cleaned up, or removed in the middle of the night or immediately after the incident caused by storm or other disaster. Our team of professionals is equipped, experienced, and has the expertise in working with extreme weather conditions. Mother Nature doesn't always work within normal business hours and we are here to ensure the safety of residents, pedestrians, and anyone else affected during a storm or other disaster.

Land clearing services are available to meet a variety of client needs. At San Jose Tree Services we offer the following services to meet any of the diverse land clearing needs a client may need: removal of weeds, brush, vines, trees, or debris. We also offer major debris removal to clear the way for construction or to simply clean the lot. We can handle lots sizes ranging from 400 square feet to 400 acres or more. This process may either require large and heavy machinery, or manual labor with power equipment assisting.

At San Jose Tree Service we are now offering Landscape management to our residential and commercial clients. Our team has been trained and educated in the practice of managing plants and vegetation in the landscape rather than maintaining. The goal of landscape maintenance is to keep the landscape looking the same, but management is a more knowledgeable and guided approach. Managing the landscape involves evaluating the plants soil and ecosystem to make sure they are in the optimal growing environment.

Watering landscapes is a vital part of any plant health care program, but this can sometimes become complicated when the components aren't functioning properly or there appears to be over or underwatering. At San Jose tree Service we have Certified Irrigation technicians who can assess your system and help inform you on how the system operates. We can also perform the need repairs or improvements to your system. Scheduling the watering frequency can also become a tedious process because it requires knowledge of the plants specific water needs, the soil make up, whether the plants are in shade or sun, whether the system uses drip or sprinkler irrigation, and the age and condition of the plants.

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