Get affordable and reliable tree and stump removal services from Mr Stump Tree Service serving all Colorado Springs, Monument, Black Forest & Fountain. We have been providing residential and commercial clients in the area with full-service tree care since 1976. Rely on us to handle your tree and shrub needs. This includes spraying trees to control the spread of disease and pests, cleaning up storm damage tree debris, and setting up wildfire mitigation measures. Our long experience in the business makes us the ideal choice for tree services in Colorado Springs, CO (metro).

Find experienced tree service contractors at Mr Stump Tree Service serving all of Colorado Springs, Monument, Black Forest, Peyton, Falcon and Security/ Fountain Colorado. Count on us to competently and efficiently remove hazardous trees on your property. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection. Our company is also proud of our more than 40 years of experience in the business. Turn to us when you need tree and stump care services to keep your space safe, neat, and beautiful. We take care of your tree needs and issues to protect your property and keep the people living there safe.

When you need to keep your property safe from tree hazards and free from storm damage debris, choose the company that can do it all. From stump grinding to deep root feeding, tree trimming to fire mitigation services, get in touch with Mr Stump Tree Service. We offer comprehensive tree care solutions. Get in touch with our staff to benefit from our services today. Our company specializes in caring for trees. Whether your tree is suffering from a disease or needs to be fertilized, we are the people to turn to.

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We recognize that some trees can require more work than others. No matter what type of issues you’ve been having with your tree, we’re always happy to work with you to give your tree the greatest chances of thriving.

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While having fruit trees on your property can allow you to enjoy delicious fruit all season long, you may find yourself in competition with the bugs for the fruit. Rest assured that we’re always happy to help you reclaim all that deliciousness for your family.

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If you have an established tree encroaching on nearby power lines, extending over your home's roof, or expanding over your property line, it'll be cheaper and safer to deal with the problem sooner rather than later. Call a pro and ask for a free estimate.

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To avoid storm damage, carefully consider where to plant your young trees. As trees grow and mature, they will expand tall and wide, so it is important to avoid planting trees near wires, too close to buildings, or in shallow soil or on steep banks.

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Some common causes of tree decay and/or death include various diseases (which can vary from species to species), as well as certain type of insect infestations, the spreading of fungus, and even old age.

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