Our goal is to preserve the health and long term beauty of our clients' trees, lawns and other landscape components. It begins with proper diagnosis and continues with treatment based on sound science and a respect for the environment. We deliver exceptional personal service, while enhancing property value. Tree Solutions experienced ISA certified arborists provide landscape and tree care for you and your most valuable outdoor assets. Our primary concern is tree preservation, growing environment remediation and plant health maintenance.

With a lifetime interest in plant and animal biology, Jim has over 20 years of arboriculture and horticulture business experience. An International Society of Arboriculture certified arborist, Jim has dedicated himself to tree preservation specializing in Plant Heath Care. His passion and enthusiasm for educating others, helping them with the care of their trees and our environment, is evident in his life and business. No one cares like an owner and Jim loves what he does! This translates into Tree Solutions service.

It cannot be stressed enough the necessity of maintaining a layer of mulch in the root zones of trees. Mother nature maintains a natural much layer by dropping leaves onto the forest floor. The leaf litter builds and provides trees with a natural source of nutrients and root zone protection. This process is often lost in urban environments. This plus other growing environment management changes greatly alter the natural process which often leads to tree stress. If the soil beneath the tree canopy is bare, you need to apply and maintain a 4-6 inch thick layer of mulch on the soil surface.

Tree Solutions arborists have been involved in the recognition and treatment of Sudden Oak Death (SOD) disease since the early period of discovery, 1995-1998. Early on, we offered our assistance to the research effort in order to obtain a thorough understanding of this disease. We have treated thousands of trees and continue our efforts to help preserve one of our precious resources. Sudden Oak Death mainly affects trees and shrubs along the Pacific coast beginning in central California from the Big Sur coast extending northward into Curry County in Oregon.

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