Welcome to Austin Tree Care, a full-service tree care company designed to offer a wide range of arboricultural services to anyone and everyone who needs a tree care service. Our company is fully certified, and we've gone an inch further to employ arborists that are qualified and have the required certificate to be called one (an arborist). We aren't a new company in this field; with decades of experience, we will surely address all the tree care need you require. Austin Tree Care is not just a tree service company; we are one of the best at what we do.

Austin Tree Service Professionals was started by two nature loving people who know the importance of keeping our Earth Green and Clean. Although it is in the best interest of nature to leave plants and trees to grow wild and free, we understand the need and aesthetic value of trimming or removing a tree, plants or shrubs in order to enhance or maintain property value. We have taken our love and have committed to educating others about landscape plants, wild plants, invasive plants, ornamental plants and their proper care in any type of residential or commercial property.

Certain conditions will allow the plant to be more susceptible to fungus and diseases such as viruses and bacteria. If rotting is a problem, sit back and relax while our technicians evaluate the health condition of your greenery and determine if a simple trimming will help the health of your tree. Our experts understand this fact and utilize it to help you make healthy decisions for your landscape. Just like humans, plants can age and become more susceptible to diseases and pests as they grow older.

Does your roofing look a lot older than it is? With our top-notch roof cleaning and Lot clearing services, we return the moss-covered, stained roof to its original style. Roof cleaning by claiming on the roof is very risky and may lead to unimaginable damages without proper training and the right safety equipment. So it advisable to always hire an ISA certified tree care company Austin for roof cleaning services, maintenance, or installation. Every home requires a regular and professional roof cleaning solution.

There are times when it becomes necessary to remove a tree. Indiscriminate harvesting of trees is not only bad for the environment, but it robs future generations of the beauty of an urban forest and can decrease property values by tens of thousands of dollars per tree. Austin Tree Care has decades of experience in removing dead, dying, and hazardous trees safely. We have the know-how to ensure the job gets done without incident. If you believe the tree you want to remove falls out of our mandate, please feel free to call regardless.

But there's a way to clean your garden from remnants and stump grinding is an excellent alternative. How does it work? Well, it's a process of removing a stump via a grinder and other special tools. The good news is that you don't need to do it yourself. We provide top-notch Stump Grinding Austin. From a team of Austin stump grinding specialists to cutting-edge technology, we're a one-stop expert for everybody. Our Stump grinding service provides you with top-notch, off the shelf quality down to the stump.

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