Treeco, Inc. specializes in tree care. Our Treeco, Inc. team delivers excellent pruning and clean up everytime. At Treeco, Inc. we understand how to maintain healthy plants and extend their lifetime. We will take care of all your botanical needs. Edwin Slowik, Board Certified Master Arborist has an extensive background and knowledge base concerning trees.

Have a question concerning your tree? Use the expertise of Board Certified Master Arborist Edwin Slowik to get to the "root" of your concerns. Ed will travel to your location and diagnose your specific situation. With over 30 years experience in specialized tree care, Ed will guide you to the best solution. Consultation rates are job specific. Please call or contact us for consultation rates and fee schedule.

Have an overgrown tree with long and heavy branches? Pruning on a regular basis is the most important action a tree owner can do to ensure a properly structured tree. As it promotes strong, healthy branch growth, pruning removes excess weight from the canopy. Our trained, skilled pruners take a detailed approach to pruning, leaving our clients' tree with a lightened load supported by proper structure for future growth. With routine purning you can reduce the possiblity of potential hazardous conditions such as wind breakage and disaster.

When a tree overgrows its location, struggles, rots, or dies, tree removal is sometimes the only option. After the tree has been taken down, we grind out the stump for permanent removal, absolutely minimizing any means for returning sprouts. Large or small, we are equipped to remove all sizes.

A person cannot control how much sun is available or the quality of air, but the third necessary ingredient for photosynthesis, however, is controllable. The amount of water a plant gets is vital to its health. Installation of irrigation around your landscape will enable you to gain complete control of plant hydration. Watering your plants can be as easy as the turn of a switch- better yet, the adjustment of an automated system. Have us install a irrigation system that gives you full control of your landscape's water levels.

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