From planting a new tree to removing that old diseased tree, our arborists are certified to help you make the right decisions for the health of your trees. If you want to create a unique xeriscape for your backyard or to install irrigation system for your business, we can help you. Accent your home, garden, office, or yard with unique hand-made metal sculptures and handmade mesquite table tops made locally by a Tucson Pioneer Artisan. Every piece is one of a kind and utilizes hand-forged steel along with native cacti skeletons as well as native tree and plant roots.

Crown restoration-selective pruning to re-develop structure, form, and appearance of severely pruned, vandalized or damaged trees. We use structural-selective pruning to improve tree and branch architecture for young and medium aged trees and for hazard reduction pruning-selective pruning for structure clearance and visible hazards. Structure prune to engineer a sustainable trunk, branches and to influence orientation, spacing, growth rate and strength of attachments. Tree trimming is desirable or necessary to remove dead branches, improving tree structure, enhances vigor and maintain safety.

Landscape & Tree Service, LLC has been in business since 1987 and with our 30 years of experience you can trust in our landscaping services throughout the Tucson, AZ area. We are experienced in designing and installing water harvesting designs and creating xeriscapes. We offer only quality products and services to our clients. We only use the best native plants and trees to build the landscape your home or office deserves.