Founded in 1971, Ponderosa Tree Service has been providing high quality tree care services to the East Bay for more than 40 years. By listening closely and understanding our customer's needs, Ponderosa is able to provide strategic and targeted service, focusing on your particular project delivering the specific services you really need. Tree work can be complicated, and it requires a team of highly experienced team members to get right. Our competitive edge: We find, train, and keep quality employees on our team by providing them with good wages, meaningful benefits, and a career path of purpose and satisfaction.

Ponderosa specializes in the removal of large trees in delicate surroundings, We go out of our way to ensure a safe, controlled tree removal while protecting the surrounding plants, hardscapes and structures. It is our standard procedure to cover all surfaces in the work area with tarps and plywood where necessary to prevent wear and tear on gates, siding, plants, and any other delicate objects. Not all tree removal techniques are equal.

Pruning is performed for three primary reasons: Heath, safety and aesthetics. Our arborists listen closely to your concerns and formulate plans specifically tailored to your tree's health care needs. Health: Assess potential problems and suggest comprehensive plans for tree health improvement. Safety: Evaluate potential problems such as limb weight and tree imbalance. Formulate plan to address safety while preserving tree health. In most cases branch end weight reduction is the best course, but thinning, cabling, guying, supporting and bolting are all possible courses of action.

Ponderosa can remove any size stump and major surface roots from your yard, and our smaller machines can access hard-to-reach places. Our powerful stump grinders with all terrain tracks can go through a standard 38″ opening-to allow access to difficult back or side yard stumps. We usually grind down to a depth of 12-14 inches-more than enough to install topsoil and plants, or we can grind deeper as needed if you are planting a good size tree. Even if you just want an unsightly stump removed, we can do it well.

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