Whether you need tree trimming, removal, or general care, Sherman Oaks Tree Service can help. In Los Angeles effective tree care services are vital to your property's safety and beauty. Enjoy your landscape, and take advantage of all Sherman Oaks Tree Service has to offer. Reshape your property, protect it from disasters and ensure its long-term beauty. Your trees grow rapidly in Southern California. Seasonal pruning is important to your property's tree life, as regular maintenance can reduce fallen branches, dead branches and costly weather emergencies.

Over the years we've worked as a subcontractor for most of the major construction companies and contractors in the Los Angeles area. As you could imagine, in our 50+ years, Sherman Oaks Tree Service has subcontracted in hundreds of large projects. We have excellent working relationships with dozens well respected contractors, engineers, construction companies, and landscapers. Here's a small sample of just some of our recent subcontracting projects.

We've been recycling for over 20 years - before it was "cool". All firewood gets split, sold and burned. We take the time, which costs money, to make sure we have clean loads of chips to redistribute in neighborhoods for gardens, groundcover, dust control, horse trails, and community gardens. This entails making an effort of advertising and answering a lot of phone calls, but we make a lot of friends that way. Any loads that are not clean enough in the sense that they may have alot of weeds or an excessive amount of palm or some rotton chunks of wood etc., we take to a recycling station where they further process it and haul it to central California to burn at the PG&E plant in Delano for power.

Our estimates are not just a matter of giving you a price for tree work that needs to be done, but also includes a consultation by our expert tree technicians. Just ask and we will answer your questions. Our purpose is to educate our customers as to what is right for your trees and property. Whether it's cleaning, pruning, shaping or reducing the size of the crown by drop crotching, tree removals, or opening a beautiful vista to the ocean, we do it all. Our skilled climbers are able to get to those hard to reach places that some other companies aren't willing or even able to do.

Sherman Oaks Tree Service has provided commercial tree care for many large property management companies throughout Los Angeles County for decades. We strive to build long term relationships with our commercial accounts by providing excellent service with attention to detail, all at affordable rates.

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We take pride in our excellent customer service and our speedy response time. Let us help you with all your tree related needs.

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Why it's important to plant the right tree in the right place.

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