Locally owned and operated by Mike and Eddie Sanchez, Sanchez Brothers is a tree-service company with the tools and experience to handle the needs of home owners, business operators and agriculturalists alike. We can provide regular pruning services, thin trees when their thickness becomes a problem, reduce crowns, remove potentially dangerous or unwanted trees and stumps, and even service palm trees. Still not sure we're the right ones for the job? Then we invite you to head to our Why Us? page, where you'll discover even more about why Sanchez Brothers is the tree-service team you need on the job.

When properly cared for, trees contribute beauty and value to your home or business property. Left untreated, however, they can become unsightly, unhealthy, or unsafe. Limbs may grow too closely to your home or office, or the tree itself may become too bushy and unshapely. For these and other reasons, Sanchez Brothers Tree Service offers a variety of maintenance services to keep your trees looking vibrant and beautiful all year long. For over 19 years, Sanchez Brothers Tree Service has been serving residential and commercial clients in and around Visalia and Tulare, California area.

Before you hire a contractor for your tree work, verify that their license and insurance (liability and workers' compensation) are up-to-date. Only companies without employees are exempt from the need for workers' compensation insurance. Verify this information by contacting the California State Contractors Board. Information in ads is sometimes falsified. Check to see if information supplied by the contractor is true before hiring him or her! We continue to have repeat customers that have been coming back to our Tree service for over 19 years.

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