Champion Tree Care, a tree removal company in the Pacific Northwest, serving Puget Sound / Seattle area, Snohomish County and King County. Champion climber and certified arborist, Dan Kraus, prunes, risk assess, and more.

Champion Tree Care, LLC is a small family business specializing in excpetional fine pruning and low-impact tree removals. We are a Full Service Tree Care Company based in Everett, WA. We can prune or remove any size tree; from 150-ft Douglas-firs to 100 year old apple trees. We also do stump grinding, and tree planting for tree's we have removed. We have a crane we can use for removals, moving logs and transplanting large trees. Because we are an Everett, Washington company, we prefer to cover North King County and all of Snohomish County.

We have the skills and tools to perform safe and efficient tree removals even in tight quarters. A standard tree removal includes dismantling a tree into pieces safely, chipping the branches, cutting the trunk wood into 16-18 inch long rounds, and leaving the stumps cut as flush to the ground as possible. Wood that is left may be stacked at, or near, the base of the tree, or removed from the site depending on your specifications. We leave your property undamaged and completely free of debris, once our work is finished.

Cabling and/or bracing can give additional support to your tree if it is determined to be structurally weak. Yes, trees are big and tough. Yet they do have their limits for maintaining the biological integrity and structural integrity of all of their parts. Branches do break. Trunks do split. And roots do release their grip on the soil. When loading increases beyond the intrinsic strength of any structure, failure of the structure is inevitable. This supplemental support will help to prevent damage to your trees, such as stem and limb failure, and provide some protection against storm damage.

Tree pruning is an important part of any tree maintenance program. Champion Tree Care adheres to the pruning standards presented in ANSI A300 (American National Standards Institute). Maintenance tree pruning and hazard reduction pruning usually consists of one or more of the tree pruning types noted below. Proper pruning requirs the arborist to know, what is the best thing to do, and what is the best way to do it. We are certified Arborists with over twenty years of experiance and learning under our belts.

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