To grow and prosper through the efficient and responsible use of our resources while providing our customers with cost-effective, responsive and environmentally sound solutions to their solid waste management needs. Our company got its start in July of 1957 when Victor Gomer, his wife Ida, and his sister Lydia along with her husband Mel Wolf purchased the waste hauler franchise for the City of Paso Robles from Archie Asabez. They inherited their first two employees, Cecil Parish and Willy Cullors, from Archie.

Our goal is to keep this city beautiful and help make it easy for residents to do the same. Use this guide to determine which materials are considered recyclable and which are not. Any item placed in your recycling cart will be sorted by a recycling processor that will determine the type of material. As long as the item isn't on the "Not Acceptable" list, place it in the blue cart and we'll take care of the rest. For the most up to date list on what you can and cannot recycle within the county of San Luis Obispo, please refer to the list provided by the San Luis Obispo Integrated Waste Management Authority (IWMA) available here.

To start service please sign up. To pay for existing service please log in. All residential accounts receive weekly automated pick-up and include waste, organics, and commingle curbside recycling services. View our list of recyclable materials and check back for updates. Our list changes as recycling technology improves. We offer weekly curbside pick-up of household commingled recyclables (blue cart) and organics waste (green cart) for all residential customers. Clean organics waste is a must. Our organics waste truck has a video camera to monitor organics waste container contents as it is emptied.

Our commercial services are tailored to your business, whether you own a restaurant, clothing store or anything in between. We offer landfill, recycling, and organics containers to our customers. We are now charging for recycling services. In an effort to keep recycling and organics services as accessible as ever, your refuse service includes up to the equivalent recycling and organics services. Only additional recycling and organics will incur a billable fee. To accomplish this in the most straightforward way possible, all recycling services now have a rate associated with them so they are displayed on the monthly statement.

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Have you started decorating for the holiday season? Great! If you find broken lights or lights that aren't working, please follow the guidelines for proper disposal.

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