A J Lawn Sprinkler Co. Inc. is a trusted irrigation system company that has served Albany, New York and surrounding areas with quality irrigation and sprinkler systems since 1973. It is our goal to provide residential and commercial properties with well-engineered and easy-to-maintain systems that supply the proper amount of water to your home or business to keep your yard green and healthy all year long. We specialize in irrigation system design, sprinkler system installation, and irrigation system maintenance.

Clean, drinkable water is often taken for granted. Ensuring the proper installation and operation of a backflow prevention device is just another step to provide for the safety of your family, household, or business and A J Lawn Sprinkler Co. Inc. is here to help in that process with professional backflow testing. The plumbing code followed by New York state requires backflow prevention devices to be tested by a certified tester annually. It is up to each local water department to enforce these regulations.

Enhance the look of your yard with irrigation system design and installation services from A J Lawn Sprinkler Co. Inc. in Albany, New York. We know just how important the look and health of your yard is, and we are ready to assist you in keeping it looking great. Contact us at (518) 785-1192 to start designing your irrigation system today. Whether you are looking to install a new irrigation system for your home or a commercial property, our experts are here to help. We design and install conventional and drip irrigation systems for single family homes, estates, home flower beds, golf courses, apartment complexes, athletic fields, school grounds and more.

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