Since 1982, our crew at MJS Lawn Care and Lawnscape have turned our passion for turf and plant soil sciences into one simple motive: we want you to enjoy the outdoors in style. We truly love what we do, and it is evident in our body of work.

Leave it to MJS to install your automatic irrigation systems for lawns, gardens, landscapes and sports turf. With choices of systems, we will determine the best one for your needs to save you time and water while keeping your lawn green and growing. We provide installation and maintenance of all major systems including Hunter, Rainbird, Toro, and K-Rain.

MJS Lawn Care Programs serve residential, commercial, and sports turf management. We provide today's busy homeowners and managers with real value and beauty for their property while saving them time and money. Landscaping is both an art and science at MJS Lawn Care and Lawnscape. Selecting the right trees, shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses at the right times to achieve your desired look requires experience. We provide busy homeowners and property managers with real value and beauty for your property by offering our expertise.

Natural and environmentally conscious landscape design is our trademark. From the site analysis through pathway and garden design, we encompass all aspects of the landscape site-work and see it through to completion. Landscape planting can significantly increase the beauty and value of your property. Using the right plant in the right place for your home is a good start. Begin by applying around the foundation of the building, being sure to allow enough room for years of growth. MJS offers natural and environmentally friendly materials when designing and constructing your landscape features.

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Wanting to learn more about your state tree? Check out this article! https:// www.treehugger.c om/ do-you-know-your -state-tree-485 8540

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Searching for experienced landscape construction, planting, and garden maintenance team members. Candidates should have professional experience in providing residential and commercial landscape maintenance services (i.e. mowing, pruning, irrigation, turf applications) Training is also available....

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We offer free lawn analysis services to clients who are ready to obtain our services! If any questions arise, feel…

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How do you properly identify a dogwood tree? By the bark!

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Scientists have managed to find a species of seagrass in the Mediterranean Sea that existed 200,000 years ago. That…

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Thinking about adding a fruit tree to your yard? Check out these recommendations!

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"He who plants trees loves others besides himself." - Thomas Fuller

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Did you know? It’s estimated that 20-40% of the Earth is covered in grassland.

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Since 1982, our company has been providing outstanding lawn care and lawnscaping services to clients in the Bellows…

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Be proactive with your turf management. Plan now to ensure that when high temperatures roll through this year you'r…

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