The Sequoiadendron giganteum, aka giant sequoia, sierra redwood, or California big tree, can be a valuable and useful addition to the landscape garden. They can be valuable because of their awesome beauty when they are well taken care of, and useful as screening plants for privacy and windbreaks. The big tree offers a unique opportunity to the home gardener who enjoys watching things grow big. The big tree is the fastest growing conifer in existence. The Sequoia sempervirens, or coast redwood, can compete in height, in a race to the sky, but not in girth.

Welker's Grove Nursery is a wholesale nursery in the central Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. The nursery is located in Fresno County at 4,500' elevation near Shaver Lake, California. Our phone number is 559 349-0081 and mailing address is 42170 Cedar Springs Road, Auberry, CA 93602. We specialize in growing native conifers primarily for the purpose of landscaping. We are an online order nursery to provide some of our local and awesome tree species to collectors and gardeners within the United States.

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If you feel led to donate there is a gofundme page for Welker's Grove Nursery at this link: https:// /f/ welker-family-nu rsery

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We are so happy that we can offer giant sequoias on our website and spread the beauty of those magnificent trees all over the United States. Giant sequoias have a unique characteristic when they are younger of changing color in the wintertime. We just call it winter color and it can range from...

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What a gorgeous day today. So thankful for this Miracle March ❄☃️

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