Whether it's having your tree pruned, removed or tree stump grind down, we're here to help. Brad is ready to meet and give a bid on your trees. Our tree and stump bid hours include most evenings (daylight permitting) and Saturdays until about 3 pm. Grinding to a depth of up to 12 inches and no chemicals, means a new tree can be replanted the same day. If removing a stump in a City's right-of-way, chances are they will require a replacement tree be installed. Most cities have an 12 stump grinding depth requirement for street tree and right of way stumps.

In 2003, our owner Lorin Fielding started a small stump grinding business called Stump Be Gone. Inexpensive Tree Care. While the company has grown immensely, Lorin has always kept his founding values an important part of this family owned business. He and his team work one-on-one with each customer to listen to their specific landscape needs and work to provide services on time and within budget, as quick as possible. Inexpensive Tree Care prides itself on providing our customers with the best possible tree service in the industry.

Do you have a tree stump you want removed? Inexpensive Tree Care can remove that unsightly hazard. We've been helping people with stump removal in the Portland and Vancouver area since 2003. Stumps are a nuisance. Mowing the lawn around a stump is inconvenient. Weeds and sprouts often grow out of the base of an old tree. In addition, a stump can become a tripping hazard, especially when it's hidden in tall grass. Cutting down a tree is a lot of work. Sometimes removing the stump that's left behind is an even bigger challenge.

Are your shrubs or hedges starting to look a little overgrown? Getting them professionally trimmed will do more than enhance their beauty; it will also make them more healthy. That's why when you need tree trimming in Portland OR, you call the certified arborists at Inexpensive Tree Care. When bushes begin to reach the point of overgrowth, those extra limbs and foliage become a substantial weight that the tree must support - both structurally and nutritionally. In fact, overcrowded branches can actually limit the total amount of light the plant receives, hindering it from achieving its maximum photosynthesis potential.

Think about tree pruning as if it were surgery for a tree. Pruning removes dead and diseased branches so that new and healthy branches can grow unimpeded. Much like a surgeon, a tree pruner needs knowledge and the right tools to perform an operation. At Inexpensive Tree Care, we have years of experience caring for trees, and we know what keeps them healthy. We've been offering tree pruning services in Portland, Oregon, since 2003. Our skilled experts preserve your tree's health and beauty while removing unnecessary branches.

Tree stumps are both an eyesore and a hazard when left in your yard. Inexpensive Tree Care can grind your stump so it's no longer an issue. Removing a tree stump by yourself can be difficult, time consuming, and potentially dangerous depending on the methods used. Calling in the professionals at Inexpensive Tree Care, saves you time and eradicates the problem quickly and easily. At Inexpensive Tree Care, we never use any chemicals to treat the stump keeping your ground water safe, and allowing you to use the soil for planting the same day as the stump grinding.

There are many situations in which tree removal in the Portland-Vancouver metro area becomes necessary, particularly whenever a tree becomes a hazard to people or property. Other times it is because the tree is growing too close to power lines, or it its roots begin to damage your home's piping or even foundation. On the flip side, it could also be because its root system has been already been significantly disturbed by nearby excavation. Perhaps most commonly, removal is necessary because the tree is showing signs of disease or is dying of natural causes.

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