We specialize in residential, commercial & 24/7 emergency tree service in Medford and surrounding Oregon communities. When tree issues are causing you problems call the local & licensed professionals at Quality Tree Service for a free estimate. Trees on your property have numerous benefits - they beautify your property, provide shade and energy savings, and can increase your property value. However, trees that are damaged or otherwise unhealthy may present a hazard to surrounding structures, other trees, and even people.

Trees provide shade, shield us and our homes from the elements, produce fresh air, make the neighborhood a beautiful place, and increase property values. Proper tree pruning and trimming can extend the life of a tree by decades and is an essential practice if you want to keep the trees on your property healthy and thriving. If you decide to move forward with pruning the trees on your property, keep in mind that dead branches should be removed as soon as possible to prevent them becoming a hazard to their surroundings.

Even if you are dedicated to keeping up with the health and condition of the trees on your property, emergencies do occur. Unfortunately, emergencies often happen at the worst possible times, and for that reasons, Quality Tree Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Weather emergencies - fallen limbs, leaning trees, or felled trees after a storm often become risks to infrastructure, property or surrounding trees and must be removed immediately. Accident-related emergencies - vehicle or construction accidents can lead to branches or entire trees leaning or falling, which then increase risk to surrounding structures or roads.

Trees are an integral and beautiful part of life here in the Pacific Northwest and as ISA-certified arborists, we at Quality Tree Service have the experience and the knowledge to evaluate and repair trees if possible. However, sometimes a tree's issues are such that repair is not possible. In cases where a tree is a danger to nearby trees, structures, property or people, the tree will likely need to be removed. Dead trees - trees that are dead are often brittle or hollow and present a fall hazard to people and property.

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