Today Mike's vision has grown into two highly respected companies - each focused on the needs of his clients, a commitment to the environment and creating more livable landscapes. Lueders Environmental, Inc., provides Lawn Care and Plant Health Care diagnostics and services while Lueders Tree and Landscape, Inc., focuses on the expert pruning of shrubs, bushes and trees as well as soil renovation and improvements. Lueders is a terrific place to work and has a great team. It consists of highly trained technicians with years of experience in the field - many of whom have been there for over 15 years.

Lueders Tree and Landscape, Inc. is very proud of its 30 year history of specialized pruning expertise. The Company expertly prunes everything from the smallest of shrubs to ornamental and shade trees. What sets Lueders apart is its natural looking pruning, its dedication to quality, and standards of excellence. When Lueders prunes your shrubs and trees it is done by professionals lead by Certified Arborists and for best results it is all done by hand. This is critical because pruning must be done in a way that removes dead material, sucker growth and unwanted branches to set the stage for a natural looking, attractive, strong and healthy plant.

A four-visit program using only organic fertilizers for those preferring a 100% natural solution to enhancing soil and lawn health. This program uses nothing but NOFA approved organic materials. Optional weed treatment can be included at no additional cost. An environmentally friendly four-visit program that combines the best of our two other programs. The same natural fertilizers used in our organic program are utilized here as well. However they are augmented with an environmentally friendly approach to weed and pest controls - applied on a spot basis - to provide a healthy vibrant lawn.

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