Fast friendly professional service for all your tree maintenance needs. From start to finish, we provide the highest quality tree care in the industry, while maintaining a very affordable price. Our staff members are experts in all varieties of tree care, repair and removal services. Our certified arborist will personally ensure that all work is peformed to your satisfaction. You can trust Urban Forester Tree Service.

Urban Forester Tree Service is known as a reliable and reputable company. Urban Forester crew members take pride in our work. We are committed to continued careers as arborists in our local community. Our investment in heavy duty equipment has allowed us to complete jobs without delay and keeps our crew and your property safe. Repeat customers, referrals, and our reputation are the bottom line. The value of trees include health and beauty. With our balanced approach to maintenance, safety and long life is the goal.

Urban Forester Tree Service welcomes all Commercial clients. With equipment capable of tackling large projects quickly and elevated Liability coverage, we can insure your tree job to completion. Our business can provide required Insurance riders, prevailing wage documents, traffic signage / flaggers - All it takes to work safe!

Proper pruning improves the safety, health and value of your trees. Steven Conrad, I.S.A Certified Arborist, can diagnose the best trimming based on industry standards. We can suggest thinning, crown reduction, deadwood removal and also provide view trimming to open your vista. Our experience includes trimming trees to promote strong structure and support future growth. Fruit trees are a specialty. Watch Video Urban Forester donates your wood chips to local creek restoration projects and city parks.

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