Arbor 1 Tree Service is your source for all of your Bend, Oregon tree care needs. We have five ISA Certified Arborists on staff to help you determine your best tree care needs and we strive to raise the bar in Central Oregon tree care. We take a holistic approach to tree care, by considering your needs, site, budget and timeline. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of trees, from pests to soils. If we don't know the answer, we will do our research and get back to you! As certified arborists, we are committed to greening our industry.

Arbor 1 Tree Service is an arborist in Bend Oregon, committed to quality tree care and improving the health of our urban forests. A healthy urban forest is important for our community's quality of life and contributes greatly to the community's health as well as ecological and human health. With this in mind, we know that we must build relationships with the tree owners of Central Oregon and relationships are built through understanding others needs and wants. Without these relationships we cannot advocate on behalf of the trees and the urban forest.

When we perform tree removal services, our customers are left with an unsightly (and sometimes rather annoying) stump. Never fear! We provide stump removal services by grinding the stumps. We grind em' real good too. So if you are looking to remove a tree or have a pesky old stump in your yard that you've been tripping over, give us a call for stump grinding.

Our tree care services are tailored to your needs and we spend the time to listen carefully and assess your situation before taking action. We are knowledgeable about the many aspects of trees - from pesky pests to soil and water needs. We are passionate about our urban forest, so our goal is to help you help your trees! Good tree trimming and pruning involves some basic but overlooked techniques that only a Certified Arborist is trained to do. It is very important that trees are trimmed properly, rather than just randomly hacked up.

Arbor 1 Tree Service can help you maintain a defensible space around your home to protect your home and property through wildfire fuels reduction. Defensible space is the 30-100′ fire-resistant zone around your home. This is the area directly adjacent to your home where vegetation has been reduced to slow the spread of wildfire to your home, significantly decreasing the likelihood that it will ignite.

Tree trimming and pruning is the most common form of tree maintenance. Although forest trees grow quite well with only nature's pruning, landscape trees require a higher level of care to maintain their safety and aesthetics and most tree trimming is done for people reasons as opposed to tree reasons. Let us clarify. Most tree health issues are ground based. A tree's health is primarily dependent upon the soils in which it lives and the condition of its roots. So, with this in mind we consider pruning.

We like to think of tree removal as one of the last options in tree care. Why? A healthy, vibrant urban forest is beneficial to our communities. However, there are reasons to remove a tree and we can help you determine if tree removal is necessary. Although often a choice of last resort, removals are a necessity of every urban forest and a removal only comes after considerate planning and balanced thought. Respectable arborists face an interesting predicament. Although, we kill many trees we also spend a great deal of time pushing tree preservation.

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