Urban Forestry Services | Bartlett Consulting offers consulting arborists provide professional horticultural consulting on trees and woody vegetation growing in urban areas. Since 1990, our arboricultural services have included tree risk assessment, tree inventories, appraisals, enhancement, and tree management plans for all types of urban environments. This includes street trees, park trees, private trees, or native second growth forests that are valued for a wide range of benefits. Our tree consultants specialize in tree protection consultation services during development, proper soil preparation for planting, and species selection for street and landscape tree installation.

SITE ANALYSIS FOR TREE RETENTION DURING DEVELOPMENT - Inspecting native forests and established landscapes with mature trees for site development to provide tree and vegetation protection specifications, enhancement techniques, and onsite construction monitoring for contract compliance. Our goal is to keep trees alive after the contractor leaves. TREE RISK ASSESSMENT / TREE PRESERVATION - Inspecting mature native and ornamental trees on managed landscapes for hazard condition/preservation and maintenance specifications.

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Job duties include planting, digging, pruning, tying and loading trees. Also, some mowing, weeding and other outdoor tasks involved in keeping up the nursery's day to day operations. The nursery is busy and open all year round. This is not a seasonal job. We are looking for reliable and hard working...

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Merry Christmas from Urban Forest Nursery, Inc. Check out our Christmas card below.

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Tree Profiles Update September 2020  For this quarter, I've compiled an update of what we have observed about the performance of different species and cultivars. I have reviewed over 70 trees that we have had on our website as 'Tree Profiles' over the last many years. We have learned a lot of...

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Planting Trees at Urban Forest Nursery Inc. https://t.co/t0oQnc4VwN

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Planting 2019 continues....Our crew has made tremendous progress planting so far this year with a little help from some nice sunny days!

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Our Q1 Newsletter is now available for viewing! https://t.co/6T6j2kg2OA https://t.co/6T6j2kg2OA

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We are still looking for some awesome crew members to join our team! https://t.co/7zKDmmFbxH

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2019 Planting has begun! As with most nurseries, the busiest time of year for us is the spring planting season, whi… https://t.co/gtJTQuLxOJ

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As a strong supporter and contributor to the TREE Fund, we want to share a recent newsletter about the type of rese… https://t.co/W0OLluiwhN

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