At Safe Lawns of Salem and Safe Lawns of Salem Irrigation, we strive to provide high-quality service & products to our customers. We have been working in the local community for many years and have an interest in the success of your lawn and landscape. We will use our knowledge in horticulture, soil science, and our professional training to deliver programs specially crafted for your lawn care needs. We use the best products available, and all of our personnel are trained and licensed as appropriate.

Soil Testing and Analysis is an important tool for keeping a lawn healthy and vigorous. An annual soil test will indicate the need for liming and addition of other nutrients. A soil test shows the availability of plant nutrients in the soil so that Safe Lawns of Salem can make a fertilization recommendation based on how nutrient-rich or deficient your soil is. By having your soil tested annually, you can ensure that your soil stays healthy and so does your lawn and family. The 100% Organic Lawn Care Program will help to improve soil structure and the health and vigor of the turf.

Safe Lawns of Salem has the best irrigation services available in Connecticut. Our watering systems are designed using top of the line Hunter Irrigation products and will be installed when it is most convenient for you. We offer residential and commercial system designs and installation for your lawn and/or plant beds. The new watering systems include sprinkler heads and/or drip irrigation, which will be most beneficial for your lawn care requirements. Spring start-up inspections are essential for your irrigation systems.

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