Since 1957, Richard's Tree Service has been answering the call for expert tree care throughout Northern California. From residential services to large-scale commercial projects, Richard's Tree Service is known as the safe, professional, environmentally friendly tree care provider for your area. That old oak tree has been in your back yard since the kids were born. Now they're grown and moved on, and that tree has seen better days. Can it still be saved, or is it posing a threat to you and your personal property?

But it takes more than a chainsaw to do the job right. Choosing the wrong company can put your trees and yard, your pocketbook, your home and your family at risk. Richard's Tree Service carries both worker's compensation insurance and general liability insurance for your peace of mind. While our crew is the safest team of tree care pros in the area, we understand that accidents can happen and we don't expect our customers to be liable for them.

It's time to remove that old tree in the yard. The next strong wind could spell damage to your home and other personal property and you've identified the risk. But having it removed could pose a risk too, if you don't hire a qualified company to do it. Richard's Tree Service offers homeowners the three most important (and unfortunately rare) qualifications for tree removal- education, insurance and workers' compensation. Our teams are led by certified arborists, and our company is insured to protect you from costly accidents or injuries.

Tree removal typically leaves a stump behind at ground level. Richard's Tree Service has the equipment and ability to safely remove small or large stumps after a tree has been cut down. With any kind of building project, it is important to complete the tree removal job with professional stump removal. Because we're a full service company, we can handle both the removal of trees and stumps, allowing you to get it all done with one expert crew and one bill. Richard's Tree Service is committed to providing you with the absolute best, most honest and environmental friendly service available anywhere.

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